Amazon Marketplace gives retailers both big and small the opportunity to sell on the popular site without creating a domain of their own. However, getting the best results requires making sure people know your products are available.

Facebook ads can help you do so. Boasting 2.19 billion active monthly users, Facebook offers retailers a platform through which they can reach a wide audience of potential customers. Best of all, Facebook ads include features that make it very easy to target people who’ll be genuinely interested in your products. Working with a Facebook advertising specialist can help you ensure that the right audiences are seeing your information.

If you sell items through Amazon and want to attract more customers, keep the following tips in mind when leveraging this powerful tool.

Creating an Ad

Start by exploring the options that Facebook ads offer. You can design video ads, single image ads, slideshow ads, and much more. Best of all, Facebook will guide you through the process of creating whichever you choose. 

Simply select the appropriate option from the drop down menu and get started. The step-by-step process includes setting a budget for your campaign, providing the ad content, and determining when it will run. And remember, your ad should somehow link back to your Amazon page.

While you do need a Facebook account to run an ad, you don’t need to have a Facebook Business page. That said, you may want one. Maintaining a page on this popular social media platform can increase your visibility and enhance your marketing efforts.

Create a Custom Audience

Facebook ads are effective because you can determine what types of people see them by creating a custom audience. Just sign into your ad manager page and select the Create Audience option. 

Facebook lets you target potential customers based on demographic factors, geography, interests, and behaviors. It also lets you create a custom audience using identifiers from your existing customer base; for example, you could upload the email addresses of newsletter subscribers  to target them specifically.

Creating a custom audience ensures that your ad reaches consumers more willing to buy your products. That’s one of the key reasons Facebook is so useful for marketers.

Again, Facebook lets you run several different types of ads. That’s why it’s a good idea to test various approaches and monitor their effectiveness. It’s a good idea to run multiple campaigns anyway; testing different approaches helps you design stronger campaigns in the future. The more you experiment with this tool, the more you’ll realize just how powerful it is.