We’ve all experienced a time where we accidently deleted some important files or some pictures full of old memories and they are gone forever, no recovery what so ever. But many people don’t realize the fact that data recovery easily doable. 

You might argue that one has to be a computer genius or a technical diva to extract the lost data, but you’re mistaken. These days there are software’s available that can help you recover your important files in Windows, Mac OS or even Linux systems.

But this doesn’t mean that every software that claims to recover data which actually do so. 

After a long search for a no BS recovery tool, I came across iMyFone AnyRecover Windows Data Recovery

There are 3 factors which help me decide if a software is good or bad.

1. Is it easy to use?
2. Is it fast enough?
3. Does it do what it’s supposed to?

These seemingly simple questions help me save lot of time and spare me from evitable useless headache.

Luckily AnyRecover satisfy these factors.

AnyRecover for windows or any other OS is best data recovery tool, which is simple and a straightforward tool which works like a wizard. 

I tried data recovery with it, and it installed in a few steps and was ready to use within seconds.

After installation a simple and intuitive dashboard came up with all my storage drives, internal and external, to select from.

I realized that all you need to run this application is basic computer knowledge. So, the intuitive User Interface was pretty impressive.

To test if the application really does work, I installed a removable USB drive (I’m using Windows to run AnyRecover) after deleting its previous contents, and pressed “Start”.

After getting to work right away, it took the software around 2 minutes for the recovery of around 2.5GB of data from my USB, I was pretty impressed. All my files were recovered. 

I wanted to take it to the next level, so I took risk. I ran the AnyRecover on one of my main drives with existing data in it. 

I was curious to see if it would harm my existing data in the windows or it would recover my old files without any harm done.

Mind you, I keep most of my programming material and windows folders with supporting software in this drive.

It took AnyRecover approximately 8 minutes and 17 seconds for the data recovery of almost 78GB of data. 

To be honest, I was simply amazed.

Whichever software I used in past for my data recovery, either it took hours or the software just plainly crashed my windows.

I set my drive on recovery with the mindset that it would take half an hour or longer and went to grab some coffee, and I was taken by surprise when I saw that it was done already.

I was a bit skeptical, so I ran the software again.

My old data was safe, deleted one recovered and I didn’t have to wait an eternity. 
One amazing feature in AnyRecover is in-process data preview.

In other recovery software, you cannot access and preview the data until the software is done scanning. 

With AnyRecover, I was able to browse through the files and access the previously deleted data in windows.

And not only that, you can even pause the scan during data recovery and recover the already scanned data. This feature alone stands AnyRecover out from the rest of the crowd.

With the premium feature, you can scan and recover unlimited amounts of data. And the pricing of the premium version is basically peanuts compared to other, worse and sadly fake, recovery software. 

After this experience, AnyRecover definitely tops my best software productivity index.

Wise people learn from other peoples mistakes. And my trial and error has paved a path for you to securely recover your precious data.

Now, I’m going to enjoy my favorite movie that I just recovered!