Have you noticed that the more your pet is ignored, the more it misbehaves? It is indeed a physiological effect once they are not taking care of. They start to be aggressive and playful. Dogs bark suddenly. They ruin whatever thing they can touch with. 

Never far away from that, we can’t pretend that it is mainly due to their natural behavior. They do that in order to communicate, to give warnings, to ask food, and to tease. With this variety of behavior, it is tough work to handle each of them one-by-one. 

Gladly, there is an anti-barking tool which can solve these misbehaviors. We are referring to the Barx Buddy device. A portable, high-performance device that is made to stop the barking of pets. It is coupled with a single click button with 100% harmless assurance. It only means that it does not cause any health problems to any breed of dog. Once you click the button, it will produce a high-frequency tone to stop whatever your pet is doing. It reaches almost 50 feet, so even you are at a distance from your pet, you have him in control.

Why Should I Purchase This Device?

With the advancement of technology, there are lots of ways to keep your dog calm. But the question relies on how efficient they are. According to experts and customers barxbuddy reviews , among all the tools that can be used, the Barx Buddy device is the most effective. 

It is with certainty that when they are tame in the early stage of their life with this device, it will surely be achieved with no glitches. Once they see the device, it will give them a hint not to misbehave anymore. And when that happens, you can control your pet even without this device. 

It is an anti-barking tool but more as a preparatory tool which makes a pet to behave as it should be—a trained pet who can obey his owner’s requests while being a joyful one.

How much a Barx Buddy cost?

One Barx Buddy cost 39.95 dollars. Their company offers discounts so that you may have two devices of Barx Buddy for only 69.95 dollars.

Due to this, their downside is clearly in their price. It is not affordable. And they do not give free tryout since they are only available online.

How Am I Suppose To Use It?

In order to use it, you just need to project it towards your dog. After that, turn the switch on and press the training button. That how simple it is. Since you press the lower button, the high-pitch tone will be released, causing the pet to be distracted and eventually stop.

In just two months, you will gain a pet who is now highly teachable. But this will surely, of course, depend on your availability and patience. Since they can’t learn things immediately, an unceasing effort is needed. By then, with the use of the Barx Buddy device, they will surely behave properly.


Barx Buddy is the best tool to counteract any pet misbehavior. It covers all breed of dogs, that is why even if you have the smallest type or even the largest type of dog, you can always assure yourself that you can control them. Its portability makes it available at any time. You can place it in your pocket, car, or any place in your house. Your pet may be at a distance, but they will not escape from Barx Buddy as it spans over meters. You can save your money for sure since you can skip training sessions. With this device, you can start to enjoy having dogs near you.