The importance of social media is escalating especially Coronavirus sparks huge jump in the use of social sites. But the most crucial thing is to achieve maximum engagement, most of the brands lack the tactics that can result in increased engagement. The blog will run you through the top engagement strategies that can keep people coming back and give you a golden chance to stay ahead from the competitors. 

Use ‘What do you think Strategies’. 
The best practice to ‘engage’ is by asking questions! However, one must sure that questions are neither dull nor repetitive for social media warfare – like what is your name, share your email, or anything – these are indeed pushy and the audience will not pay heed to it. 

Be more creative and ask a question that can result in a prompt response.
You can ask relevant, proactive, and timely questions related to the post you share. 
You either can post a poll or play ‘test your knowledge’ game that can ignite them to respond or weigh in on something. 

Hash it out
Hashtags can also be termed: click to connect things as it can help you in getting in touch with like-minded people. Whenever you upload content on any social site, it is important to do a little research on hashtags. The use of hashtags is more common on Instagram. Brands or businesses that lack any knowledge in the organic growth of the profile will find ‘buy Instagram followers UK’ a more streamlined way to improve the reach and exposure of their newly-built-brand.

Give people some incentives 
People love to play the game, compete, and win in real life as well as on social media. You can begin social media contests and satisfy your audience’s competitive spirit. A small reward can turn out to be a big lure. You can also use other convincing strategies that are old fashioned yet effective. 
Give your audience instant discounts or coupons 
Do some giveaway challenges to keep the audience hooked
Provide ‘Free Shipping’ and membership clubs. 
After creating an offer, discount or anything make sure to pin it at the top, so that you can get noticed by the maximum of people. 

Come up with the content idea that audience will crave
You may have heard a famous business phrase ‘content is the king’ and it is an undeniable reality. No matter, how much you spend on your social media campaigns unless the content isn't what your audience craves, you can’t achieve maximum out of your social campaign. Therefore, it is necessary to pay heed and schedule the post in advance so you can never have to compromise on the quality of the content you publish. 

Wrapping up the article
Engagement is the key to thriving in any social site including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. All these sites prioritizing the engagement and therefore it is instrumental for businesses to go with the trend and start exploring ways that can spark social engagement.