Wireless earbuds have swept the world since the first wireless earbuds with self-separating cavities were introduced. Obviously, wireless earbuds allow users to experience the earbuds and the body together. AirPods are probably the most common. The wireless earbuds introduced today is undoubtedly one of the best products in terms of cost performance. It is Truebuds which originates from SoundPEATS.


Truebuds packaging with simple operation can be easily drawn out of the box. But undoubtedly, the design is more introverted. The all-in-one gray-colored packaging surface is painted with designs and parameters, and nothing more. With achieving a balance between comfort and snug-fit, the semi-in-ear design eliminates any discomfort even with a long time wearing and optimize your experience with sensitive touch control.

After opening the package, the accessories are as abundant as ever: SOUNDPEATS Truebuds Wireless Earbuds, Charging Cable, Charging Case, and User Manual.


This graying black metal case is the Truebuds charging case (which can be used to charge the earbuds when not in use). According to the SoundPEATS, Truebuds uses Bluetooth 5.0 with a 20-meter signal, which is stable and low power consumption. Latest Realtek chip V5.0 ensures stable connection and seamless switch between mono mode and stereo. Wide compatibility supports all your devices with version 4.0 and above.

I tried to stay about 10 meters away from a wall, and the sound was not affected. However, further away there would be a jam and disconnection. Above all, the result was pretty satisfactory.

Gently open the box and the delicate Truebuds wireless earbuds emerge. The two earbuds are connected to the charging base by magnetic force. It is worth noting that the left and right earbuds are placed in different positions.

Take out the earbuds, they are pretty light and delicate. The weight is the same as the official website, which is about 0.32 ounces. The main shape of the earbuds is in-ear structure, which will not fall off when running.It can support wireless charging, which can work as a power bank.

A single charge gives you around 3.5 hours of playtime. 2600mAH large capacity charging case supports another 20 times full charge and works as a mobile power bank in an emergency.

The sound quality

Truebuds is divided into a standard version of a 14.2mm large bio-compound rmoving coil and a professional version of custom 14.2mm cylindrical moving iron. I got the professional version. I'm sure some people will wonder, what's the difference between the standard version and the professional version?

As for the moving coil, if you have a good front end and ear amplifier, the sound is definitely better than the moving iron earplugs. In the appropriate ear drive, no matter the sound field, analysis, sound permeability, and balance, it can easily exceed the moving iron.

About moving iron, current major brands mainstream period: moving iron earplug products are multi-unit moving iron. The reason for the high price of moving iron earplugs is that they are easy to drive, portable, soundproof, and sound quality. Sound is relatively stimulating.

A good pair of Bluetooth earbuds is especially important today when it comes to earbuds and charging to the same port. With the sound quality, appearance level, and quality of the Bluetooth earbuds at this price, the comprehensive performance of a pair of Bluetooth earbuds makes Truebuds impeccable in terms of sound quality, comfortable to wear and fast connection with the phone.

At this price it is still quite affordable and combined it is undoubtedly more surprising than the products at the same price. Finally, hopefully, this review will be of some help to consumers who buy earbuds.