Just as it is essential to lock the doors of your house, cybersecurity is equally important.

The very idea of cybersecurity is to provide a good posture for the computer, networks, servers, mobile devices, and all the data that is saved on these devices to be protected from hackers with malicious intent. 

How can any cyber attacker collect information about me?

You may believe that no one could be interested in your personal information, and you may also think that the work that you do is of little significance, but you couldn't be more wrong.

Every site you visit, every page you look at and even every order you place on the internet leaves a cyber footprint. This data is collected and bought by many organizations. 

What would these people do with the information they collect from me?

The data is then analyzed, and it provides information about your spending patterns, the demographics you belong to, and the possible products you would be willing to buy. 

In fact, these are just naming a few things that your movement of the internet reveals, as organizations use your data and data collected from millions of other people, for conducting in-depth studies and predicting future market trends.

What can I do to safeguard myself?

It is pointless to fret as there are many solutions in the market to protect yourself for such unwelcome attention. However, it requires the coordination of security efforts to be made throughout the information system.

Types of Cybersecurity

You need to have application security for your software, hardware and procedural efforts. 

Next, you have to consider information security which are strategies for securing processes, tools, and policies.

Then, comes network security. Network security is designed to protect the accessibility and privacy of computer networks and data by using software and hardware technologies.

There is always a disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan. This a solution for individuals as well as organizations. It is provided as a contingency plan if your system is hacked. 

Hence, you rely on this solution to get you out of a difficult circumstance without having to suffer too many setbacks.

Another element is to have operational security, also known as OPSEC. This particular medium of security simply applies countermeasures to eliminate or mitigate adversary exploitation.

Finally, there is an End-user education. The end-user is the so-called first line of defense in cybersecurity. 

Hence, it is absolutely vital to educate yourself and your employees to vigilant about their movement on the internet. 

It is to make the people conscious about not clicking on malicious links that can corrupt your software, hardware, and networks.

Can these measures keep my information safe from Cybernet attackers?

Yes, these measures can undoubtedly aid you to safeguard your personal information as well as your movements on the net. 

However, in the internet landscape, an individual must be wary of the digital footprint they leave behind. 

In conclusion, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself a bit about the things that you need to stay well away from while surfing the net, downloading videos or apps, or even just ordering from websites. 

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