As we are progressing towards mid-2020 already, it is high time to explore the trending online video advertising ideas that are changing or will potentially enhance the success game for brands. Businesses must focus on these advertising trends to stay on the top. 

The online advertising space is no less than a whirlwind that changes the trends, regulations, and technologies in the blink of an eye. The process is time-consuming and requires a proper assessment. It wouldn’t be wrong to mention that this industry is continually evolving. Let’s understand how to handle online video ads 2020 leveraging the latest trends – 

1. Connective TV Video Advertising- A Popular Buzzword in the Online Advertising Industry

Thanks to over-the-top services such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, and many others, the way video advertising was perceived has transformed. It is all because of the advanced 5G and AI technologies that programmatic advertising is seeing such rapid growth today. This form of advertising is highly efficient and offers multiple options to engage the users through personalized experiences. 

Although programmatic advertising is an “internet show” and not sourced from a TV station, it offers experiences similar to traditional television watching. Moreover, more and more people are willing to accept this form of advertising. They sit through the ads so that they can continue watching the shows (like in traditional television). It’s best to use a promo videos maker to achieve the desired output using this advertising solution. 

2. Posting Engaging Short Stories/Videos on Social Media Platforms 

We can’t deny the fact that people are always excited about novel stories. No option other than social media platforms can be better for reaching out to the people with engaging stories. Short videos are one of the best ways for brands to engage with their target audience. 

With millions of active users who use these platforms daily, advertisers can quickly spread the message through short (yet influential) clips. Moreover, the ads in such stories can be considered as one of the significant opportunities to spread the word. 

3. Storytelling videos featuring the fans 

The power of word of mouth is unmatched. According to a survey, over 76% of customers trust user-generated content (UGC) that is the content featuring “common” people. Ideally, UGC comprises social media posts, comments, images, videos, or any other forms of content, but storytelling videos are different. Their contents feature the brand’s trademark, but the “reviewers” are real people, not paid artists.  

Posting UGC videos offers seven times better results than any other form of advertisement. The originality of the storytelling/UGC videos is what makes them attractive in the public’s eye. Sales tactics are no more influential to the customers of the modern-day. The videos elaborating “real stories” of the brand are more efficient in building a customer-business relationship as they have more transparency.

Today, more and more brands are always looking forward to creating compelling content for their fans. Fortunately, there are video ads creators like InVideo that not only help them in marketing their products/services but also aid in building a viable community and connecting people through videos. 

4. Alluring People through Cinemagraphs in the New Fad 

Cinemagraphs have elevated the level of visual storytelling. This sophisticated medium features a short-video format that has photo framing and includes a touch of motion (which is like a living element in a still picture). “Moving images” garner more attention, comparatively. 

Advertisers often have a misconception that Cinemagraphs are complicated and tough to create. On the contrary, the reality is that the format is easy to handle, and the content can be created quickly using online video ad creating software like InVideo. Also, you need to use your imagination and creativity to achieve the maximum results through this method.

It is the short, digestible, auto-loops, and auto-play formats of the Cinemagraphs that makes a popular advertising option. Amazingly, there is no audio in the “Living Photo”, but still, it quickly captures the attention of customers. Both big and small-sized businesses can use this online video advertising for strengthening their brand image and positioning in their particular industry. 

5. Spreading the Word through Vertical Video Advertisements  

Advertisers know that today, smartphones influence a significant part of people’s lives. It is because of the extensive use of mobile phones that customers are majorly influenced by video content. As is the current scenario, most of the video content posted online is recorded using mobile devices in an upright format. They are termed as vertical videos. 

This trend has encouraged several brands for mobile-first advertising. They are driven towards vertical advertisements created for social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The vertical format of the videos not only help advertisers produce engaging content but also keeps on-screen distractions to the minimum limit. 

You’ll find that today, the news feeds on Instagram and Facebook are stuffed with vertical stories. The users connect with such content better. Furthermore, the advent of IGTV, YouTube, Snapchat, and other vertical video platforms per se, has motivated marketers to make the best use of their creativity. Also, we can’t ignore the fact that video ad content continues to spread its wings due to the increasing popularity of mobile-first content.  

Final Thoughts 

The video advertising market keeps evolving with technology advancements, societal changes, and shifts in customer preferences. Hence, the marketers need to keep themselves updated with changes and latest trends. It can make a big difference in their branding strategies. 

Video advertising helps companies pose as “modern organizations.” Therefore, it becomes all the more critical for businesses to keep track of the latest marketing trends (vertical ads, short-video ads, or playable video ads) dominating the market. Furthermore, they can quickly form better advertising strategies that can bring them good results.