Presentations are widely used phenomena that are used in every sector of student and cooperate world. 
It defines your work and helps you convey it to people. While PowerPoint is a good tool but so overused that it doesn’t surprise people anymore and the only way to grab attention is to surprise. If you are not so good with communication then graphics are your tool. 

While there are many options we find Google slides template by hislide the best, there are two reasons they’re free and they’re versatile which means that there are many designs. 

If you have lots of data in your presentation than hi-slide offers various types of templates designed to help you with every project. They have tools that help you efficiently deliver that data.

Here are some ways to help you summarize the data 
Make use of tools like diagrams and graphs 
When you make a presentation with lots of data it is necessary to understand that you can’t spend lots of time at one slide and read every result. This way people will get bored not even listen to what you have to say. 

To avoid this use tools like charts and graphical representation of data which will make your data easy for the audience to understand and make conclusions of.

Try not to make use of one type of diagram (chart & graph) – make use of a different type of data representation diagram each time. 

The free slides from Google of hislides are an amazing way to do it because they are versatile and will save you the time. Whilst giving your work the spice it needs. 

There are a few common types of data representation gears

Pie charts 
Graphs based on (line or bars)
Moreover, your goal should be to make things simple and catchy. This also means bot overcomplicating your charts and filling all data in one – that will also confuse people. Also, they won't remember what you said as the retention of people in the digital age has highly decreased.

Put text on the data 
It is a given that nobody will understand the data the way you do because you spent time checked everything and verified it. 

However, it is essential to put your data into a simplified form using diagrams but another essential detail to add is to text to them.

Someone might miss you making some point in the presentation. In case that happens, they can easily catch up to you by glancing at the data and understanding what they missed out on. The text will give context to your data representation.

One thing you need to take care of is that it should not be too long. It has to be short and concise at maximum it can be a paragraph below or sentence.

Too much text will eventually make confusion and your core of data will be lost and obviously, you are using the diagrams to explain things. Then why over complicate it.

You should make a presentation that is adaptable to many devices because you never know when you would have to present on a plane flat screen, a whiteboard or an interactive device (Ipad/laptops). For this, we suggest the usage of free slides from Google themes because of their adaptability factor 

Presentations often define how your presenters that maybe students, boss or clients see you. So they must understand that you have command over what you talk about. A well-done presentation can change the game for you in every way.