You should have a WordPress site with an interesting theme to attract more visitors. An interesting and attractive theme can also make visitors comfortable while exploring your website. That’s why you should learn everything about WordPress themes. ParagonThemes blog focuses on updating information about WordPress including WordPress themes. Here some updates that you will get from this website. 

The latest WordPress 
WordPress tries to satisfy its users by updating the technology regularly. Nowadays, WordPress launches the latest version known as WordPress 5.4. This latest version has a variety of new features and improvements. Wordpress improves its performance by enhancing stunning designs. Another new thing is on the editor in which users can use the Gutenberg Plugin. 

This plugin helps to improve the performance of the features. Some features that you can use in a website with WordPress 5.4 version are including block editor, social icons, buttons, colors, gradients, drag and drop, and many more. WordPress also updates its UI and privacy systems to boost the comfort of its users. 

Gutenberg Plugin 
ParagonThemes blog also posts the latest information about Gutenberg Plugins for WordPress. WordPress explains that website owners should install Gutenberg Plugins to improve the performance of their websites. WordPress website owners can use a variety of Gutenberg Plugins and it makes them a little bit confused to decide the best one. That’s why Paragon Themes post the update information about this plugin. You can check the best Gutenberg Plugins by visiting this website. This website is not only posting the list of the best Gutenberg Plugins but also its reviews.

Let say, this website chooses the Events Calendar, Block Lab, and Ninja Forms as the top 3 plugins. The Events Calendar becomes the best plugin because it works a lot to help website owners to manage their business and events. Moreover, this plugin is easy to use, simple, and valuable enough not only for the website owners but also for visitors. The features help you to manage dates, appointments, and events faster and easier. 

The Paragon Themes choose the Block Lab plugin because of its simplicity. It is known as a friendly platform due to its simple templates and content blocks. Ninja Forms plugin is on the third rank because it is valuable enough for data collection and contact forms. The plugin also looks artistic and attractive to see. You can check the other best Gutenberg Plugins by visiting Paragon Themes. 

Tips to Boost WordPress Websites Performance 
Boosting the performance of a website can be a complicated and exhausting thing to do, especially if you don’t have any experience and skills. It’s your luck because you find a website that discusses WordPress. Besides discussing the latest features, version, and technology, you can also find some tips and tricks to boost your WordPress website. 

Let say, you can learn a little bit about how to improve the loading speed of your website and why you should consider it. Even, you will also get a recommendation about the best tools you can use to boost the performance of your website. The more information you learn from this website, the better because you can see your website improves well than before. As a result, you can make your visitors happy and comfortable while exploring your website. 

Information about Beginners who Want to Start a Wordpress Blog or Website 
Paragon Themes is not only for advanced or expert website owners but also the beginners. This website also has a particular category that discusses the steps to start a blog on WordPress from the beginning. It is a great knowledge for those who don’t know anything about WordPress but you want to learn and create a WordPress-based blog or website. At least, you can start to build a website or blog faster and easier than building it without any instructions from the expert who understands about WordPress. Later, you can read other articles to improve the blog or website. 

The point is that if you want to learn all about WordPress and how to develop a great WordPress-based website, you can visit the ParagonThemes blog. You can also find the best themes while learning the latest information. The more you learn from this website, the more significant the improvement of your WordPress website day by day.