Job offers, promises of winnings, payments from unknown systems or warnings that your card has been blocked - all these messages you can find in your mailbox. The main reason is to make you follow the link or open an attached doc. If spam with such regularity and in such quantity is received by mail, it is probably beneficial for someone.

How do Scammers Recognize Your Email?

When the mailbox begins to tear from the garbage, you want to know where intruders have got your email. As informed by a spam email checker, there are some of the most common ways to receive it:

Collection from all open sources - social networks, forums, chats, message boards, any other place on the network, where users leave contacts.
Generation by software methods. Billions of electronic addresses are registered in the world. Therefore, they can be selected using software algorithms.
Purchase of databases.
Using viruses that are sent to contacts from the victim’s address book.

How to Secure Your Mailbox From Annoying Letters

In one minute, 204 million letters are sent over the network, 70% of them are malicious. Several dozen companies offer products that provide protection at the software and hardware levels. All of them can significantly reduce the volume of incoming mass mailings. The best solution for unwanted messages not to bother you is to install a spam email checker. The program eliminates junk letters according to typical signs:

Modification of the sender’s address;
The unreasonably large number of recipients;
Size and format of the letter.

The round-the-clock database of lexical signatures allows you to recognize modified versions of the original weedy letters created to bypass spam filters. Both the text of the letter itself and the contents of the attached files are analyzed. Depending on the settings, spam can be automatically deleted, redirected to the quarantine folder with a notification to the user, or marked for further filtering at the mail client level.

How to Protect Email from Hacking

The following tips will help you keep your inbox safe and secure.

1. Use the best mailing services.
2. Configure the two-factor authentication in the settings. It will allow you to quickly restore access to your account in the case of an attempt to hack your address.
3. Use a security question, the answer to which is available only for you.
4. Come up with a strong password for a mailbox. A good password must be used not only for the mail account but also in all services that you use.
5. Do not share your passwords with anyone. There are no services that ask passwords from your accounts. If it happens, be sure that these are scammers.

The amount of junk letters and viruses sent to electronic addresses is not decreasing even though the main danger now comes from the Web. Various software and hardware tools have been developed to protect you from spam. However, your email security depends on you. Always stay alert and be careful while checking your inbox!