Digital banking has many benefits, which is why people are increasingly opting for this type of payment. Technology has advanced, and so have humans. Digital banking is based on financial transactions through computer networks and telecommunications media. Digital banking is increasingly popular in the world because access to the online banking provider's products and services is very fast and easy. In Europe, in the early 2020s, there was a dramatic increase in new Internet banking providers with different benefits for their users

This latest trend in digital banking is making it easy for all of us to pay by:

Other devices equipped with software for mobile Internet access.

Through electronic banking, you can make financial transactions:

Transfer of money from account to account;
You can pay the bills you have previously defined;
Perform exchange transactions;
Have an insight into the balance and daily changes in the account.

. Lanistar is a new online bank that does banking across Europe and logs in many new users every day who want to try their services. This one billion unicorn company is confirmed by numerous clients who post their comments online.

What is it?

You might not have heard of Lanistar just yet, but don't worry- you soon will. It is a UK-based financial start-up that aims to revolutionize the way you manage your money. It will very soon be a prominent member of the "one billion unicorn company" class thanks to its bold approach and keen eye for economic development. One of the most important features of Lanistar's business model is just how tech-savvy and innovative it is, using mobile apps for greater convenience and customer-friendly interface.

How does it work? 

Essentially, the organization functions as an online banking provider, with all the features and benefits that typically entails. But what sets it apart is its uniquely collaborative aspect. The team is eager to work closely with customers to provide a bespoke and specialized service. Not only that, but they will also take a proactive role in finding the best deals and rewards for their customers, making them Ones to Watch in the field of corporate finance. Their key philosophy is founded on relationships; establishing positive working relationships for mutually beneficial enterprise. But their operations are also strictly compliant with the stringent regulations in place to monitor online banking processes, guaranteeing the utmost integrity and transparency at all stages of the process. Essentially, they provide financial services which are flexible, easy to use and reliable- what more could you ask for? 

Lanistar Vision

Lanistar is a new start-up company in Europe, more specifically in the UK whose opening is scheduled for 2020. The goal of Lanistar is to revolutionize the financial sector industry. Customers can expect far faster money management as well as a more convenient way of delivering services that they can easily reach out of their comfortable home with the mobile app. One billion unicorn company guarantees its customers complete transparency, with a full step-by-step guide. Among others, one of the basic visions is to stimulate growth and consumer needs, encouraging people to reach their potential. They also aim to develop smart and innovative ways to save. Lanistar is proud to be on the list of well-known fintech start-ups that, with all their technology, will be maximally oriented to customers. The entire organization and operation of the company will be aimed at presenting more new options and solutions to the market, which ultimately need to lead to accelerated development.

Lanistar has a clear vision of providing banking services - as best they can anytime, anywhere without waiting. If you want to pay your bills as soon as possible, you can do so anytime, anywhere with online banking providers. No waiting, no paper - it's getting easier with the digitalization of banking, which has become a worldwide trend that everyone is following. When it comes to digital banking services, it is important to note that there is no need for people to fear losing something because it is a safer way than carrying money in your wallet today. Everything is recorded faster and easier, so you don't have to worry about the money gone.

One Step Further

As an online banking provider, they will comply with many of the world's banking principles and standards to provide their customers with superior and secure services. Their services will allow all companies to extend their business beyond their home country in a very simple way.

With a dedication to the business progress and prosperity of the entire society, they are preparing to take a new step in digital banking, which is slowly and gradually becoming the most used service in the world. They additionally want to make it easier for people across Europe to use, with all the necessary specifications for unobstructed and smart services.

Promoting Financial Literacy

Services will be tailored to the needs of different profiles of people, while - also addressing the financial literacy of young people and children, as well as all companies and non-governmental organizations so that everyone has the basic financial knowledge needed in the modern digital world.

When can I start?

Not just yet... the launch for Lanistar is set to take place later in 2020, but the good news is that you can sign up for more information via their website now. That way, you will be able to receive updates direct to your inbox. You won't want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, so the sooner you sign up the better!