Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers out there. It is also one of the most innovative smartphone companies in the world. Over the year, Samsung has graced the world with a lot of interesting devices. And most of their devices have included tech that really sets them apart from everyone else. One of the most interesting innovations from Samsung has been the curved edge display. Samsung introduced its curved edge display a few years ago and it took the world by storm. Now, a lot of major phones have curved displays. They all followed in Samsung’s footsteps after realizing how popular curved displays were.

Curved displays were popular for two reasons; they were aesthetic and functional. They give a unique look to a device and also let you use the screen in a few extra ways. While curved displays are amazing, they can be a nightmare to repair. This is because removing and replacing curved displays is really tough. The curved glass edges are very easy to crack. Their repairability is their biggest downside. Also, they are easier to break in the first place. Curved displays take up a greater portion of the phone’s body. They are more vulnerable from the sides as they wrap around the phone.

Anyone who repairs phones will tell you that curved displays are a nightmare. If you check online, you will notice that Samsung screen repair prices for curved displays are always higher. This isn’t just because curved displays are expensive. It is also due to the fact that curved displays are trickier to repair as well. Fortunately, they are not impossible to repair. As long as someone has the right tools and equipment, they can fix your phone for you.

Should You Have Your Phone Repaired By a Professional?

If you own a Samsung device with a curved screen then you should definitely have it repaired by a professional. A curved screen can be insanely difficult to repair. Taking off a broken screen isn’t too concerning since the screen is already damaged. However, installing a new screen is risky. You can very easily damage the new screen while you are assembling your phone.

We would recommend that you leave your phone in hands that are familiar with repair work. A professional technician will have a greater chance of replacing your screen without trouble.

Keep in mind that before you give your phone to someone else, you should take steps to protect your privacy. Your phone has a bunch of personal data stored on it. Make sure that you password protect your phone before giving it away. Also, if your phone has expandable memory, remember to take it out and store it someplace safe. After you have prepped your phone for repairs, you can begin thinking about who to turn to for repairs. There are a bunch of options available for phone repairs.

Who to Trust Your Phone With?

When you are about to have your phone repaired, you will have two options available to you; first party or third party repair labs. First party repair labs are more reliable since they are set up by your mobile manufacturer. You can be sure that they will provide you with genuine spare parts and higher quality service. However, first-party labs are costly and make you wait a lot. They are also harder to access since they aren’t available everywhere. If you’re lucky, you can have your phone returned to you after a week for something as simple as a screen replacement.

Third-party repair labs seem iffy to most people. They are independent of mobile manufacturers. This means that they arrange their spare parts supply on their own. There is also a chance that their technicians are not properly trained. All of this makes third party repair labs sound like a gamble, but things have changed. The mobile repair market has developed quite well over the years. There are loads of repair labs that follow industry standards that allow them to offer services that are on par with first-party labs.

Reputable and reliable third party repair labs are certainly easy to find nowadays. And third party labs offer a massive advantage over first-party ones. Unlike first part labs, they are easily accessible since they’re everywhere. Third-party labs are also a lot more responsive; they will not make you wait for too long. If your phone’s parts are available with them, they can replace your screen within a single day. In some cases, screen repair can take as little as 30 minutes. Their speed is definitely a plus point, and so is their affordability. Third-party labs are far more budget-friendly when compared to their first-party counterparts. As long as you pick someone dependable, you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone’s well-being.