What is this ITIL 4 foundation, many might be wondering?

Is it different from earlier versions? 

It is an understood fact that most new releases of frameworks are the improvements, upgradations, gap-filling of older versions, refinement, and rectification of initial snags. Therefore, ITIL 4 foundation is not too different from V2 (the previous version), preferably it is an enhancement.

What is the Structure of the ITIL 4 Foundation?
Launched in 2019, ITIL 4 Foundation officially belongs to Axelos, it's a joint venture of the Capita, an international business process outsourcing company, and the UK government from 2014.

ITIL Service Life Cycle
ITIL 4 foundation has 5 stages in the service life cycle. It has a total of 4 functions and 25 processes in its 5 phases/stages.

If you want to understand ITIL 4 foundation, then you have to first understand the 5 phases in the life cycle. 
Here are the 5 phases of ITIL life cycle:

1. Service Strategy
2. Service Design
3. Service Transition
4. Service Operations
5. Continual Service Improvement.

What is ITIL 4 Foundation Certification?
ITIL 4 Foundation is a beginner level certification to certify a candidate about his/her fundamental understanding of the ITIL framework.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?
There is no prerequisite for the aspirants. Anybody interested in knowing about ITIL is qualified to appear for the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam.

Below table can help you understand how the 4 functions and 25 processes in ITIL 4 

Foundation spread across the life cycle:

Who Can opt for ITIL 4 Foundation Certification?
The below factors will help you understand if you need to go for ITIL 4 foundation certification. Once you avail of the certificate, you obtain the basic knowledge about the ITIL network. You will gain additional credibility in your organization and industry, which would help you in your career path.

Anybody willing to understand the ITIL framework
A professional working in an organization that is into IT Services. Professionals might get curious about how ITIL can improve the effectiveness of the IT services. If you are working in an organization that has either already implemented ITIL or planning to implement it soon.

What is the Format of the ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?
ITIL 4 Foundation exam has multiple-choice questions. Here are a few more facts if you are planning to appear for the exam
The total duration of the exam is 1 hour
There is a total of 40 questions in the exam
The pass mark is 26 or 65%
It is a closed book exam
Available in both online/offline paper formats

What is covered under the ITIL 4 Foundation certification exam?
ITIL 4 certification covers all the basic topics of the IT Service Management and ITIL Framework, ITIL service lifecycle. You will also need to know about the general concepts and definitions of IT Service Management.

Moreover, the principles and models across the life cycle phases are also important, and the 4 functions, 25 processes, automation of IT service management, and roles and responsibilities.

How do I Prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam?
The preparation for the exam and selection of ITIL training is important. You can choose from physical classrooms to online mode of preparation. You can enroll yourself in some accredited training institutions to understand the concepts well. Also, if you have decided to prepare on your own, then be sure that you have the potential to do so.

What after ITIL 4 Foundation?
Once you are certified with the ITIL 4 Foundation credential, you are aware of the ITIL framework. However, you can continue with your next level of ITIL 4 to hone your skills in IT service management.

Benefits of ITIL 4 Foundation Certification
Below are some of the benefits of ITIL 4 Foundation certification:

You have the edge over others when you apply for ITSM positions
Your career opportunity in IT Service management increase by several times.
Your peers and employers recognize you on the ITIL framework
You will play a crucial role in the organization while implementing or upgrading ITIL in your organization if you are ITIL 4 foundation certified
You are now aware of the best practices in IT Service management
You can now communicate with clients and colleagues in the same language as spoken by other ITIL certified professionals across the world
You will be a recognized and a valued employee for your employer
You can now save cost and improve the productivity your organization
You will be getting much better remuneration

Does ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Expire?
No, ITIL 4 Foundation certification does not expire. It is valid for a lifetime. You will be benefited from it forever. However, make sure in the age of digital transformation, technology and services keep upgrading. Hence, you will have to keep enhancing your skills to stay ahead in the competition.

Wrap Up
From the above discussion, it concludes that the ITIL 4 Foundation is a necessary certification for professionals in the IT service management industry. Moreover, those who can obtain the certificate will prosper in their domain without any doubt. The reason is the growing demand in the IT sector to find out solutions to increase the efficiency of the organizations and their operations. Hence, it suggests that earlier to obtain the certificate, better would be your chances to grow in the field of ITSM.