The optical mouse is easy to use and compatible with a wide range of laptops. By keeping your optical mouse clean, you help to guarantee that it will work easily for quite a long time. Just you can work smoothly and comfortably on your computer and laptop. Here we will talk about how to clean the junk off your mouse. If you want to know more about mouse and other related gadgets, please visit

Tips to Follow

If your mouse buttons or the scroll wheel is not working well, then this is the ideal opportunity for another mouse. The optical mouse is getting less expensive, as USB and Bluetooth mouse become accessible in the online and physical marketplace.

Things You'll Need

The optical mouse that needs a cleaning
A few cotton swab/Q-tips
Some tissue papers
Some toothpicks

Steps to Follow to Clean Your Optical Mouse

Following are the important steps to clean your mouse. If you want to know more, visit our website
1. Get every single required thing. Keep these things near to you.

2. Remove your mouse from the mouse cushion (if present) and unplug it from your laptop.

3. Turn your mouse over, so that you can look at the base of your mouse.

4. Plunge a cotton swab/Q-tip into clean water and clean all parts of your mouse especially the scroll wheel. You will perceive how there are slight, rubbery feet on the mouse. These rubbery feet gather soil, dart and stay for a long time.

5. Use a toothpick to clean the zone around these rubbery feet. Try to maintain the advice to use one new toothpick for each "foot" of the mouse. Be cautious. When you have to, have another person hold a magnifying glass over the rubbery foot, while you clean the foot with the toothpick. Recollect that the tip of the foot will also have dart and soil, so checking this is the most significant part of this procedure.

6. Clean the middle portion of the mouse with another cotton swab/Q-tip. Try to get into the depth of this portion, yet do not press hard or rub on this portion excessively, as this will scratch the portion, and cause the shield to break and this affects the smoothness of your mouse. A couple of light swipes at regular intervals will adequately clean this mouse, and keep it in working condition.

7. Use a cotton or tissue paper, absorbed water to clean the remainder of the base of the mouse.

8. Use a hairdryer to dry the base of the mouse.

9. Take another toothpick and clean the marks in the middle of the two/three mouse buttons. Try not to press excessively hard, as bits of the wooden toothpick will break, and cause the mouse to vacillate to an early demise.

10. Clean the mouse-wheel using toothpicks around the edges, even the outside of the mouse-wheel itself. Wipe from left to right.

11. Spot the mouse to the side.

12. Clean the mouse cushion with another tissue paper and water and let them dry.

13. Return the mouse to it is actual settings on the mouse cushion.

14. Take a wet material with water and clean the wire. Rub the line from the mouse right towards the line's end that should be attached with either the PC's mouse port called a "PS/2 attachment", or one of the PC's USB ports. If the mouse is a Bluetooth model then this will not be a problem.

Do Not Void the Warranty

Try not to open the mouse's back-shield. This not only just void the guarantee, but also this dismantles the inside activities to get dusty from airborne residue particles. In this way, it will affect the working condition and the inside board will not work properly.

Ensure that Your Gadget is Dry

Before you use your PC, console or mouse once more, ensure they are completely dry. Drying should not take long as the wipes were not wet. A little wetness can harm the electronic gadget once power is going through it.

You should not Take it Lightly

Just if you are considering cleaning your mouse in the basin, I do not suggest it. Placing it in the basin or submerging it in water will probably cut off wiring.

I do not prescribe that you dismantle your mouse to clean it. Most makers debilitate clients from dismantling mouse, including evacuating buttons. Doing so will most likely void your guarantee.
If you want to know more about mouse and other related gadgets, please visit