The world of original RPG games has reached its maximum in 2020. Many people are still fond of the classic World of Warcraft, Mass Effect, and The Witcher. The time has passed, but the RuneScape continues to increase the number of fans around the globe. Don’t you believe it? So, you will be surprised that over a million players have paid for the RuneScape subscription last year.

The British studio Jagex seems to do pretty well. Recently, the team of developers informed that over 1.1 million players paid for a subscription last year, giving added value to both RS and OSRS. They can be played for free online. In addition, as the number of players increases, you can make an advantage by visiting RPGStash - Runescape 3 gold is already there for you.

Interestingly, 1.1 million is the highest result in the history of the company and this is a lot considering that the original Runescape recently celebrated its nineteenth birthday.

In 2018, the mobile version of Old School RuneScape became available for users. It had already got eight million downloads and won the BAFTA and Develop Stars Awards for Best Mobile Project of the Year.

RuneScape debuted in January 2001 and has been constantly evolving since then. The project began with simple graphics combining three-dimensional elements with two-dimensional objects. Today, the main version is RuneScape 3, while RS 2 is called Old School RuneScape.

The Evolution

Since the release, the game has passed through its own evolution:

The classic version (2001);
The second release (2004);
The second release updated (2005);
The second release updated again (2007);
The HD version (2008);
RS Evolution of Combat (2012);
Old School RuneScape (2013);
The third release (2013);
RuneScape - NXT (2016);
OSRS Mobile version (2018);
The third edition mobile version (2018).

All this way seems to prove the efforts of developers, as selling RS items brings a significant profit to the company the fourth year in a row. This success was influenced by the launch of OldSchool RuneScape for mobile platforms. This is why the RS franchise as a whole received the highest revenue from paid subscriptions of Jagex users.

The Key to Success

The most successful and popular projects among players are those created for pleasure. This is exactly what happened with RuneScape. 19 years ago, three brothers, Andrew, Ian and Paul Gower, created the first version of the game that could be played in the browser from absolutely any computer, and this was the first step on the way to success. People played RuneScape during lunch, in schools, and on the way to work. Since then, the game has collected more than 245 million registrations, received six Guinness awards, and became extremely popular.

However, the most important thing is that the game could be played for free. What is the reason you like this game? Share your vision with us.