Most of us are obsessed with high-quality earbuds and can spend a few extra bucks just to get the most recommended brands or models. Unfortunately, only a few test them to see if they produce quality sounds. 
Earbuds can be tricky when it comes to sound. Thankfully, there are things you can do to improve sound quality. Here are 5 ultimate ways on how to make your earbuds sound better. 

Tip 1 – Wearing the Earbuds in the Right Orientation
Check to see if you are wearing the right channel in your right ear and the left channel in your left ear. Doing otherwise will most likely result in low-quality sound. Each earbud has the letters, R for right and L for left, inscribed on it. Wearing your earbuds in the right orientation will give you the perfect sound just the way you like it. 

Tip 2 – Change Ear Tips
Another important step is to change the ear tips. The wrong ear tip will not give you the right audio mix and sound. Make sure you test your preferred ear tips before purchasing. Interestingly, you can find various designs and styles out there. Apart from the aesthetic value, choose ear tips that produce outstanding sound quality. 

Tip 3 – Make They Fit In Your Ears Correctly
The low-quality sound from your earbuds might be due to the way you place them in your ears. Tightly fit earbuds send undiluted sound waves to the ear canal. Getting the best sound depends largely on how it’s placed in your ear, not the quality of the piece itself. And if you feel your earbuds don’t sit perfectly then it’s time to search for a new brand. 

Tip 4 – Clean Your Earbuds Regularly
Earbuds can get clogged with earwax. Over time, the accumulation of earwax and natural oil may affect the sound quality of your earbuds. Get rid of the dirt using damp microfiber cloth and soap. If your earbuds are extremely dirty, then you may need a more advanced tool like ‘toothbrush’ to remove the dirt. 
If your earbuds use foam covers, remove them and soak in soapy water. Then air dry to remove the water completely. In addition to making your earbuds sound better, regular cleaning makes them last longer and more hygienic. 

Tip 5 – Adjust EQ Settings to Your Taste
Depending on the quality of your earbuds, adjusting EQ settings on your listening device can help improve the sound quality of your earbuds. Keep in mind that this should be the last resort if every other option fails. Remember that each individual has different audio listening capabilities. In this case, making small adjustments to EQ settings might just be the solution you seek to improve the sound quality of your earbuds. 

Enhancing the sound quality of your earbuds vary from one person to another. While some prefer loud music, others focus on the bass qualities and for some, it’s all about the clarity of the sound. For some listeners, bulk disposable earbuds are just fine; others demand the highest quality earbuds. No matter your sound needs, these tips can help you achieve all that you seek in terms of sound quality.