It is a world where we can easily find hacking tools on internet. Peoples are using them for different purposes. These tools are a big danger for people and for organizations because hackers use these hacking tools to steal information. Every organization in the world has an internet connection and they are using cloud services as well. 

Digitalization has not only hit business enterprises but our personal lives as well. These cyber criminals would keep trying to breach in and steal something. Being the defenders it is our duty to secure our data by any means possible. There are professionals who work hard to get certified information security experts. Organizations hire them to build a defensive mechanism against those attacks. For making that defensive mechanism, experts need information security courses.

There are hundreds of best information security certification courses, offered by world renowned organizations. Top 10 courses available are described below.

Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP)
This is one of the most basic information security courses offered by International information systems security certification consortium. It is a beginner course of security. By doing this course one gets to know everything about information security and it evaluates candidate’s ability to implement and manage information security. It involves the learning the cryptography, basic cyber security and different communication protocols. In this certification we focus on identifying the risk, monitoring it and analyze it. 

Certified information systems security Professional ( CISSP )
If we talk about information security, CISSP will probably be the first certification that will come to our mind due to its hype. This course is centered towards business community as it revolves around handling the data and information security for the corporate sector. In this course one learns about security of assets, security of network and communication, management of access and identity and security of software development. This certification goes deeper in areas like information security and getting a cissp certification training is definitely recommended.

Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM)
There is another certification in information security sector that is Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM). ISACA is the organization that offers it. In this course we mainly focus on how to manage information security and how to recover from disasters. For this certification, experience of five years in the field of information security is mandatory and it has a n exam of 200 questions. This exam is to test the candidate’s quality of developing the security system and managing it. It also focuses on how to manage risk and response in return of any emergency. This certification is like a bridge between business community goals and information security.

Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)
This certification comes in when talking about audit related roles. The person holding this certification can be sitting well on IT auditor or an audit manager’s post. This certification mainly focuses on auditing information security systems and all the processes involved. If one has done this certification, he will be able to audit and manage. Exam for this certification is tough too and also requires experience of five or more years in information security sector.

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
This certification mainly focuses on risk management. With this certification you can easily hold a position of CIO, security manager or security director. In this certification we learn about how to assess any risk, how to response in return and a lot of ways of controlling it. If we talk about certifications according to their salaries it is only second to CISSP due to its high demand after CISSP. There is a requirement of at least three years of experience in information technology if you want to attempt for this certification. This certification is also offered by the ISACA organization.  

GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC)
GIAC security essentials, is the one certification that is ideal for anyone who wants to enter the domain of information security. It is a certification that speaks for itself proves how good your skills are. It is offered by GIAC, a well reputed organizations when it comes to certifications about information security and IT. In this certification the focus is on logical access entry, active defense, advanced persistent threat and cryptography. For this certification one needs no experience in information security. If there is someone who has no previous IT training or certification, he can still go for this exam.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
There are a lot of best information security certifications courses. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is the that also makes it to the list. This certification focuses on how to check or scan a security system to find vulnerabilities in it. After finding those weaknesses out, we focus on how to remove them and safeguard our system. This certification teaches us how to think like a hacker and how to use the tools and software that a hacker uses. You need two years of experience in IT industry to enter the exam for this certification. 

GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)
This is the certification in which we learn about different types of pen testing procedures. In pen testing we do check our own system by attacking on it pretending to be an outsider to find out about all the existing loopholes of the system. These loopholes are then rectified by the pen tester so that there is no way a hacker can enter their system and steal their information.

CompTIA Security+
CompTIA security plus is another certification in information security domain if you want to enter the field of cyber security. In IT industry it is considered the most basic certification. In this course you learn every basic thing about information security and management. 

Certified Incident Handler (GCIH)
Certified Incident Handler, as the name implies focuses more on handling and managing security attacks and breaches.  In this certification you learn how to prepare and preplan for any breach. It also brings in light the approach and thinking of computer hackers. Other than that, it provides you sufficient knowledge about how to identify attacks, how to contain them from doing harm and how to make sure that they do not return to attack your system.

Microsoft Certifications
Along with all the certifications offered by different organizations, there is a certification that Microsoft offers. A certification that stands out is 98-366 MTA Networking Fundamentals.  In this certification you learn about different types of network topologies and vpn concepts. It also explains the different security concepts and the purpose and work of firewall. If anyone wants basic concepts of networking and security, 98366 MTA networking fundamentals is the course for them.

We have mentioned so many infosec learning courses in this article, we hope this helps you out in the long run.