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Every application or social media that you use, is governed by an algorithm. An algorithm can be defined as an unambiguous, easy to understand set of instruction which forms the skeleton of the source code of the application. The source code is written, the necessary designs are made based on the algorithm only.

Instagram is no exception, with its algorithm governing the posts that appear in a user’s feed, the posts that you make, the advertisements that you avail. This makes it important for a person who uses Instagram for marketing purposes, to understand the algorithm. This is crucial since understanding the algorithm will help optimize the posts better and accordingly to appear in the audience's feed and help to maintain the person's engagement rate. supports to help you with the same is dedicated to make you completely understand the algorithm and use it for your benefit. 

What is the Instagram engagement rate?
Mathematically, the engagement rate for an Instagram account can be defined as the sum of the number likes and comments garnered for a post divided by the number of followers the account has. 
This is not a term that has been coined by the developers of Instagram nor does it affect the functioning of an account in any way. It is a metric useful for a business operating an account to analyze the response they have garnered and plan the next steps. 

Understanding the algorithm and how to maintain a good engagement rate
Buzzoid primarily suggests everyone who uses Instagram for marketing purposes is to understand the algorithm is updated frequently. To combat this, you need to change and evolve with your marketing strategy as frequently as possible.

The Instagram algorithm dictates the order in which posts appear in a user’s feed based on the following three ranking factors.

1. If a user has interacted quite a lot with your previous content, then you’re your new content is likely to show up at the top of their feed. This is instrumental for creating a loyal follower base. 
You can use this to your advantage by researching what a particular group of people are interested in and creating posts with hashtags related to the interest. This will get the eyeballs on the posts leading to more interaction with the content.

2. The next factor depends on what the user surfs through when they explore Instagram. If they go through content similar to what you promote, your posts are more likely to show up in their feed.
You can be game for this by using the local feature of Instagram and finding the subject of interest of individuals in a particular region. This will be followed by optimizing your posts accordingly. 

3. The third and the most important factor is more recent posts are likely to show up at the top of a user’s feed with older posts appearing further below.
If you are using Instagram for marketing purposes, it is important to understand this factor and keep your account active with frequent posts.