Getting Wi-Fi without a router means you are not paying a bulk for the internet cost. Is it possible to get free internet at home without a router? Yes, there are a number of options that may be so useful to use the internet without paying money. There are different ways to use the internet at home without paying money. These ways are simple on how to get Wi-Fi at home for free and you can try from our method.

Get Wi-Fi at home without a Router

When you don’t have a router but want to use the internet, it may be really unbelievable to learn. Surely there are so many options to use the internet free of cost. We are letting you know these gigs.

Find Open Wi-Fi hotspots

People who are new in getting internet connection don’t have much knowledge of Wi-Fi security. For this, open Wi-Fi hotspots are available everywhere, you can simply try to get open Wi-Fi hotspots that will enable you to use free internet.

Additionally, different café or business organizations in the city provide free Wi-Fi without a password. Surely your home is close to those places and you open your Wi-Fi setting and can see a lot of free Wi-Fi address names. You just log into and stay on the go with free internet.

Ask your neighbor to share internet

As we live in a place where our neighbors using the internet. You just simply ask them to share the internet and you are on the go. No matter you have a Smartphone or iOS, you just connect to Wi-Fi when they turn on the hotspot. This is possible in most cases when you have a good relationship with your neighbors. In case they are not willing, you can propose them to share an internet bill by a portion of the total bill. Surely this bill is not going a big amount.

Use Sensitive Antenna 

You can get easily free internet in case you live in the city. In the city, there is full availability of the Wi-Fi close to you. You just buy a Wi-Fi adapter to get signals but you need to set up this antenna perfectly to get accurate signals of the Wi-Fi connection. In the market, there are different types of antenna to enable you to get Wi-Fi signals to make sure you can use the internet free of cost. You just check it out and get the internet.

Free internet on your laptop with the help of Wi-Fi

As you want to get internet at free of cost, so this option can be another way to get free Wi-Fi. Though it may be unlawful to hack someone’s Wi-Fi connection there are a lot of users who don’t ensure password protection on their internet connection. You just know how to hack someone’s Wi-Fi connection and can get internet connection freely.

Satellite Fishing 

Satellite fishing is another type of option to get free internet. It is also a way of hacking the Wi-Fi router. Firstly you have to know how a satellite works. The satellite transmits signals to the people who fell under its coverage area. So you just need a set of equipment and specialized program which can easily track the signal, sort the caught files and put them on your hard drive.

When you are getting such information or data transmitted from satellite signals, you can easily use the internet. In this way, you have to pay some money for purchasing some equipment.

Connection to the general line

There are some ISP providers who use PPPoE protocol though you pick up a cable. Commonly we know that every connection has a username and password. In case an internet service provider works through dynamic IP, you should install a special proxy server, configure the equipment and wait.

When the internet service provider does not use a binding to the hardware MAC address in this way, you can get an internet connection easily. But this connection may not last for a long time. The internet service provider may change their settings and your connection will be off. It is also a very time consuming option.

Final Verdict

The cost of the internet is really not cheap. We all have an intention on how to use the internet free of cost. You can study more to get the internet without paying any money. It is true and simple to use the internet because of the different issues discussed above. Additionally, these are really awesome in terms of speed and connection security.