Smartphones are an integral part of our lives and so it comes as major distress when they get damaged or don't perform as they are supposed to. The issue might just be temporary if you're lucky enough but in most cases, you may need to have your cell phone device assessed and repaired by professionals.

Most of the smartphone brands have official repair centers in every town to cater to such issues but having your phone repaired through these official stores can get quite expensive. For instance, Apple charges around $329 to replace the screen of its iPhone 11 Pro Max. Well, you might as well consider buying a new hone instead of having your old one fixed when the repairing costs are so high. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new phone every now and then so let’s just cross out this suggestion for now. Another option is to attempt fixing the issue yourself which, in most cases, is not that hard but it nonetheless puts the device at risk of further damage. So what should you do instead?

Third-party repair services like BreakFixNow are coming forth as a decent option as far as cell phone repairing is concerned. In fact, the ratio of third party repairing stores to the company's official repair stores is quite high and so you can easily find these services in your locality too. But the question is whether these services can be relied upon or not and should you opt for them for all your phone repair needs? In this article, we will answer all such questions by closely analyzing such repair services and seeing how they facilitate us. 

Affordable Charges

Smartphones are already quite expensive so you really don't want to spend a considerable amount of money on having them repaired. But as already mentioned above, having your repairs done through the company’s official repair store can actually burn a hole through your pockets. However, you can get the same work done at a highly affordable rate through a third party repair service. In fact, you can actually get the services at as low as a quarter of the price you would have to pay otherwise. Interesting, isn’t it?

Fast Repairs

Since our mobile phones keep us connected to the entire world and facilitate us in our jobs and routine work, being left without a mobile is a nightmare for everyone. However, most mobile phone companies take at least 5 to 7 days to repair your device and this may get even more extended depending on the scale of repair. Hon the other hand, you don’t need to wait for days to get your device back with a smartphone repairing service and get most of the repairs done there and then in front of your eyes. 

Greater Accessibility 

Another advantage of having your phone repairs done through these repairing services is their ease of accessibility. You will find at least one phone repair shop when you step out in the market, making it more convenient to get your repairs done. In contract, most companies have a limited number of repair service stores and that too only at some location so you may have to go out of the way even for the store closest to you.

Trained And Experienced Technicians

The technicians working in third party repair stores have a crude and first-hand exposure to fixing an array of cell phone devices and models. As a result of this experience, they know what they are doing and are able to troubleshoot any problems that you might be facing. So instead of trying to fix the problems yourself, you can rely on these experts to take care of your device and ensure that it performs optimally. 

Free Consultancy And Advice 

Many of the problems with your phone can be a result of improper use, for example, if you can't understand how to operate a certain feature. By visiting a phone repairing service, you can have these confusions sorted out and get expert opinions and advice on how to use the device to get optimal performance and maximize the phone's life. They can also assess the problem you're facing and advise you if you should go for a repair or replace the entire device.  

With all these amazing benefits mentioned in this article, we certainly believe that opting for a reliable third-party repair service to have ever phone related issue fixed is a wise decision. However, it all boils down to your preferences and what you’re comfortable with. Having said that, we rest the case in your hands (secretly hoping that you make the best out of the phone repair choices available to you).