Influencer marketing has proved to be an excellent growth asset for small businesses as it can help to scale up marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness without making a significant dent in your pocket. Influencer marketing on Instagram is indeed daunting as you are not just liable to find the right influencers but also suppose to set the deadlines and manage the budget at the same time. To help you get started, we have compiled today's article that includes the perks of influencer marketing and what are the possible steps that you execute for the success of a small business. 

Who are influencers and how much they can cost?
People who build a large fan following and the people begin idealizing and respect their opinions are called as influencers. They acquire a significant following due to a number of reasons like lifestyles, hobbies, the job they carry and the clothes they wear. Most of the influencers are celebs. The emergence of the influencer has helped many businesses to market what they sell in the most authentic way.

However, while talking about small business, we tend to think the limited budget and this is the biggest set back that don’t let most of the businesses to achieve organizational goal. When you put the cost of influencer marketing on account, it can cost you as high as $1m and as low as $50. 

Identify the purpose of an influencer marketing campaign
Before you dive deep it is mandatory for you to be clear about your campaign’s goals. You should decide whether you are running it for brand awareness or to increase sales. Decide it and come up with a written paper where your objectives are mentioned both in terms of marketing goals and physical results. 

Research the right influencers on Instagram 
Have you decided what you want to achieve out of your campaign? Now the next step is to focus and finding the right influencers. Follow these steps to get started:

Try niche related hashtags to find the influencers
Do you know some branded or niche related hashtags that you regularly use to reach out to the audience of your genre? Try exploring these along with Ulta niche hashtags – it can help to find out engaging micro-influencers of your field. 

Take help from influencer research tools 
Influencer marketing has become a big thing therefore, a ton of tools are available that can be employed to find Instagram influencers for your campaign – tools like Fohr and people map are great in this regard. 

Check out your competitor’s account
Check out your competitor’s account to gauge what kind of influencer marketing they are involved in. Also, comb through their comments and hashtags – it can also help you to achieve potential influencers for the business. 

What qualities your influencer should have?

The influencer you are going to work with must have the following characteristics. 

Sufficient reach is mandatory
The influencer you are about to collaborate must have enough reach.  Make sure to choose the influencer with the highest reach so that you can market your product in a comparatively larger audience. 

Relevancy is important
This is the most important characteristic you should look at while searching for an influencer. Always work for the industry related people as they can have an audience of people in your niche or the people who will be interested in your offerings. 

Engagement is the key
Engagement is another important factor that you must put into account while finalizing any influencer for the campaign. Ideally, you should work with an influencer who can drive a high level of engagement. Buzzoid has significant experience in helping small business meeting their end goals and has helped many small businesses to strategize their marketing campaign.