Internet connection is important for the success of any event these days. That explains why event Wi-Fi is the top two most profitable services that many venues sell. Yet not many event venues bother to upgrade their Wi-Fi infrastructure so it can meet the required bandwidth for big crowds with multiple devices. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing the Wi-Fi needs for your conference or event. 

Never rely on the venue Wi-Fi connection 

This is simple. The venue Wi-Fi may not be strong enough to handle the bandwidth needed for your attendees, who may carry multiple devices. 

You need to know the importance of a dedicated Wi-Fi network for your event and add it as a line item in your event budget. 

Access how attendees will be using their devices 
Data usage will vary depending on the type of event. For example, wedding guests will probably want to post a few photos on social media from the wedding, which is light usage of Wi-Fi. On the other hand, the launch of a computer game can require intensive use of the internet because of many downloads and installations involved.  

Generally, you need to allow a bandwidth of 8-12 Mbps per 100 attendees for heavy users and 2-3 Mbps per 100 for light users. 

Allow easy connection to Wi-Fi 
This can be achieved by making sure you publicize the name of the Wi-Fi Network in all event material and its password. Make sure the network name is intuitive, for example, you can use the name of the event or the abbreviations so that guests can easily identify it. Create a simple, short password that everyone in the crowd can remember. 

Keep tabs on how the Wi-Fi is functioning and if there are hitches or outages. Since you can’t (you could, but there are important things you could be doing) walk around asking guests how the Wi-Fi is doing, the best way is simply to check your social media news feeds. 

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