Electrics cars are slowly taking the place of fuel cars. More prominent companies like Audi also designing an E-car is an excellent initiative towards environmental safety. But keeping the environmental friendliness aside, we’ve so many doubts about the electric vehicles as they are still in the beginning phase and most of us are habituated to petrol and diesel vehicles. 

Especially when it comes to charging, we can go crazy with questions like how to use it, how long it’ll run, what if it goes out of charging in between, milage, and so many other things to consider. All those answers can be answered only by a great charging cable.

Audi E-tron is one of the luxurious models developed by the Audi manufacturing series. Instead of using fuel to run, this model is designed to run on charging the batteries, just like we charge our phones and laptops using an Audi E-Tron Charging cable. If you’re looking for a charger to charge your Audi E-tron or other Audi electrical vehicles, you need a charging cable that is compatible with most of them. Let’s see some of the specifications of it:

This is a Type 2 - Type 2 connector charging cable suitable for several types of Audi variants.
Once it is fully charged, the car can travel up to 450 km.
It’ll take 8 hours 30 minutes to charge completely.
Suitable for Audi E-tron 3-phase, Audi Q7 E-Tron
The continuous burn of power reduces the energy and cools the cabin.

Here are the different variants available in this charger:

Type 2-1-phase with 16 A, of 3.7KW capacity, will take 26 hours to charge.
Type 2-1-phase with 32 A, of 7.4KW capacity, will take 13 hours to charge.
Type 2-3-phase with 32 A, of 22KW capacity, will take 8.5 hours to charge.

Electronics cars surely are the best solution to increasing pollution. But that’s not it. Let’s see more benefits to it:

Fuel cost savings:

Compare the electricity bill you’ll receive for a month’s maintenance and the petrol or diesel bills. Then you’ll understand how beneficial it is to use e-cars than the regular ones. There are also several calculators and researches about this cost savings online that you can refer to.

Less pollution:

As mentioned several times in the article above, electric vehicles reduce the hazardous smoke releases from fuel-burning, which eventually causes less pollution as they have absolutely no exhaust emission.

Renewable energy:

Greenhouse gas emission is one of the primary reasons for pollution. You can also use solar energy to charge the system, which is more useful and increases the efficiency of renewable energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


How much ever we think driving in cars are better than choosing two-wheeler, it still causes harm to health with the hazardous gases released from the smoke. It also reduces the quality of air, which can cause severe health issues. 


Needless to day, e-vehicles produce less sound than conventional vehicles. So, less noise pollution too.


Electric vehicles are built in a way where the center of gravity is low, which tends to prevent the rolling of the car during any accidents. They are also less prone to massive fires, explosions, collisions because of its construction.

Many owners of electric automobiles have said tremendous financial savings of as much as tens of hundreds of bucks a yr. Considering the call for oil will only be going up because the elements run out, an electric car will most probably be the standard mode of transportation in the coming future. Companies like Nissan and Tesla provide exquisite electric fashions with a fantastic amount of advantages for people who decide to invest. You’ll be saving now not most effective yourself, but also your own family a massive amount of cash. The environmental effect of an electric-powered automobile is zero, as nicely – that means you’re decreasing your carbon footprint and undoubtedly affecting the financial system. So next time when you plan to buy a car, turn towards e-vehicles.