If you are an adventure game lover, then the escape room is the best game for you. It is a real-life game and nothing is better than having a real-life adventure in the world. 

The escape room games are played all over the world and everyone loves to play this game. But a few people have this doubt in their mind that Are Cell Phones Allowed In The Escape Room?

And I have to clear all your doubts. Therefore today in this article I am going to tell you if the cell phones are allowed in the escape room or not. Also, I will tell you why you should not use them inside the room.

Are Cell Phones Allowed In The Escape Room?
Well, cell phones are allowed inside the escape room. You can take them with you. After all, where will you leave them outside the room as well? 

But you will not get time to use them inside the room. I will never advise you to use the cell phone or even any other electronic device inside the escape room.

Also, let me tell you that if you are thinking to take the mobile phone with you for clicking pictures, then it is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to click pictures or record videos inside the room. 

Also, let me tell you that after the game ends, you get a chance to click pictures with the props and you can upload them on your social media accounts as well.

But it is way better to enjoy the game and don't waste time inside the room in clicking pictures and making videos. You only get 60 minutes to complete the game. It is a very hard task in itself. So, it is better to have fun and not to waste time in using the cell phone inside the escape room.

After all, don't forget the main aim of entering the room is your entertainment, indoor team building event and fun. Just give your complete focus to this game and you will get the most rewarding experience out of it for sure.

Also, don't think of solving the riddles with the help of google. It is not at all easy to find them on google. And secondly, you will spoil all the fun of this game if you do so. All the fun lies in the excitement of finding the clues and opening the locks.

So, you are allowed to take the mobile phones along with you but you should not use it inside the room for obvious reasons. The game is very interesting, enjoy it to the best extent. It is better not to waste time using mobile inside the room.
That's all I wanted to tell you. Now, it is time for you to enjoy the game to the best extent. This game is very interesting and will give you the best experience out of it. But only if you will focus on this game at a time.