Slack is one of the most popular messaging apps. Nowadays, this app has been used by over 3 million premium users and 8 million active users. Moreover, the app has earned over $1.2 billion of revenue. Let’s discuss why Slack is so popular and how to create an app like Slack.  

About Slack
Slack began from a failed gaming startup and turned into a great app in the technology industry. The idea of Slack is to help a team to work together online. The features help the users to work together online as effectively as face-to-face teamwork. By using this app, the members of a team can stay up to date no matter where they are and even if they are in different locations. 

Effective Features in Slack 
Slack has become one of the most popular messaging apps due to the features and functions. This app is also applicable to most industries. For example, a dairy company is using Slack to synchronize its operation. The company can be farming and milking effectively every day with all the resources they have. 

The features are something that people are looking for to get effective workplace communication. As a result, a team can work more efficiently and achieve its goals maximally than before. Let say, users can use a Direct Messages feature. It is one of the effective teamwork communication features. A user can send a message to a particular person faster personally instead of doing it in the group. Moreover, there is also a feature known as Channels. This feature connects different channels or organizations in your workplace. So, you can create effective communication because you are connected to the channel or organization that you need to talk to. Slack also provides users with a Notification feature. The users can customize the notification based on the priority. They can also open the notifications via Desktop, mobile devices, or email. It is also useful to open the most important notifications so they can focus on a particular job or project. 

Why People Love to Use Slack 
Besides the effective features, Slack helps to connect tools. Slack is a flexible app where users can use over 1.500 apps. Because of the integrated tool’s ability, you don’t have to get confused about switching tabs. You just need to use Slack and use a variety of apps to focus on what you are doing with your team. Interestingly, you can also build a particular requirement and technology based on the needs of the team by using the Slack API. A team can also set its routine functions automatically by using the Workflow Builder. As a result, you don’t need to think about something you have to do every day and focus on the most important one.       
The explanation above shows the way Slack works to satisfy its users. Slack is successfully found the solution to so many messaging tools and apps. By using an app, the users can use so many messaging apps and do what they can’t do before, especially for teamwork activities. So, if you are asking about how to create an app like Slack, you must know what people need and solve their problems effectively.