Boundaries and distance is no longer a problem for teams of workers. And even if you and your co-workers share the same workplace, enhancing communication and collaboration is often vital for the quality of final product. In any of these cases collaborative project management can be implemented into the general work process with the aim of increasing transparency and general interaction.

The basis of collaborative project management tools has the idea of involving each and every team member into active participation in the project. This includes planning the schedule, tracking important data and improving the work process depending on the results. As collaborative project management implies involvement of all co-workers, it means a perfect medium of everyone’s interests can be achieved.

How to choose team collaboration tools

The modern market offers multiple options of project management software of all types. It might be confusing to search for the one perfect for your particular situation as you will be overwhelmed by options. Therefore we suggest you several tips which might help to make the right decision:

  • Check the features. There are certain features which might be important for your team or project. Check the abilities offered by various tools thoroughly. You need the tool which meets the most of your requirements but doesn’t have too many of the features you don’t need as those might be distracting;
  • Choose the simplest. Especially if you are planning to implement new tools to the team of worker who have never used such software before, it is best to prefer the one with the simplest interface and understandable abilities;
  • Look for reviews. Popular tools for team collaboration have been used by experienced project managers for ages. Many of them have already left reviews which can help to see the advantages and disadvantages of a particular program from the inside;
  • Check demo versions. It is possible to use a free version of a program to test it in your environment. If it proves to be successful, you will know that it is worth paying the full price for.
    • Best collaboration project management software

      These are several options you can start with while choosing best software of the kind:

      • Bitrix24. This website offers a comprehensive project management environment with all tools needed for collaboration, communication and control. You will be able to forget about the need to switch between tools, as Bitrix24 gives everything a business might need put together in one place;
      • Wrike. Simple and convenient tool which can be easily implemented both in big and small businesses. It allows to visualize the work process and include each of the workers into scheduling the tasks. Monitoring the processes and automating them is also available which increases productivity;
      • Perfect for project management newcomers because of its simplistic design and useful tools, provides an overall great experience of introducing project management software to the workplace. Visualizing the schedule, evaluating work progress and communicating inside the team are all possible with this tool;
      • Todoist. In case your team is in need of a collaborative software with task visualization abilities, choosing Todoist is definitely a great idea. Organized check lists allow the team to understand the task clearly and the overview of the whole project as well as each worker can help to improve the flaws of the process.

      Give it a go and you won’t be able to imagine your work without a collaborative project management tool ever again.