New and exciting applications for carbon fiber are emerging every day. The diversity of specifications generates attention from a wide variety of industries. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the various applications of DragonPlate carbon fiber.

Carbon Fiber Idler Rollers

Carbon fiber tubes are helpful for idler rollers. Options for manufacturing range from steel tubes that offer little flexibility to traditional modulus tubes which offer more flexibility, not unlike aluminum.
Carbon Fiber for Marine and Aircraft Interiors

When considering the size and structure of vessels like yachts and aircraft, design elements like balance and weight are vital. Carbon fiber products can help decrease interior aircraft spaces, allowing for increased efficiency with every pound saved. With yachts weight saved above the water, the line can promote efficiency.

Dragonplate offers custom-tailored materials, as well as stock products for luxury yachts and aircraft interiors for government, enterprise, and individual clients looking for transportation solutions. In any case, carbon fiber designs are advantageous because they help decrease weight and have high-tech uniqueness.
Carbon Fiber Furniture

Carbon fiber is an attractive material to furniture designers because of its lightweight and stability. It has a distinct appearance that gives furniture a sophisticated look.
UAV and Drones

Using a combination of off-the-shelf Dragonplate materials, anyone can build drones that range from hobbyists to professional-grade.

The fundamentals of a drone are a combination of:
·        carbon fiber flat sheets 
·        braided tubes
·        roll-wrapped tubes 
·        angles
·        pultruded materials 

Use the modular connectors for braided and roll-wrapped tubes and patented connector system for pultruded tubes for making frames for drones or for multi-rotor helicopters.

For drone assembly, Dragonplate offers various structural epoxies and fasteners.
Aerospace Tooling and Manufacturing Fixtures

Using FEA calculations, Dragonplate helps decrease the need for large tools used in aircraft production between 50% - 70%. Traditional tools, often made from aluminum and steel are bulky and more difficult to move.
Carbon Fiber Electronics Enclosures

Carbon fiber electronic enclosures offer several advantages. Manufactures most commonly prefer carbon fiber applications for electronic enclosures because it helps increase the device’s natural frequency while reducing its overall weight.
Another advantage is that carbon fiber electronic enclosures have a thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) comparable to Invar. This results in reduced thermal issues for laser, mirrors, and sensitive electronics, in addition to sensors.
Carbon Fiber for Trade Shows and Interior Design

Select from a variety of off-the-shelf products created to decrease the weight of trade show booths without compromising the sophisticated design or interior. Incorporating carbon fiber into the construction of booths is growing in popularity.
Carbon Fiber Luxury Items and Corporate Gifts

Carbon fiber materials appear highly technical without adding extraneous weight. Choosing composite materials from Dragonplate, individuals can create executive or corporate-level gifts, trophies, medals, custom awards, or other products that communicate class to help brands stand out.
Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial automation and robotics have benefited from the use of carbon fiber by being able to increase the structural integrity of materials while reducing overall weight using carbon fiber. The results are reduced actuator and motor loads along with faster response time.
An additional perk is the ROI on carbon fiber may cost more materials is short because the materials result in elevated productivity because optimized carbon fiber structures can replace metal components that are heavier while reducing fabrication time.
Parts used to help assemble frameworks for robotic applications include:
·        large diameter tubes 
·        gussets 
·        carbon fiber sheets 

DragonPlate can also customize the carbon fiber layup or dimensions upon customers' request.
For more information on Carbon Fiber applications, contact DragonPlate. Our custom and off-the-shelf designs are adaptable in construction and usage.