Instagram is one of the most promising social media platforms. It started as a platform for young people to enjoy and share their journey on the internet, but it became a marketing platform for almost all brands, entrepreneurs, startups, and individuals looking to showcase their talent.

But Instagram won’t be successful for your brand if you are not getting followers who are loyal to your cause. To do that, you have to build a community who loves your work and look forward to it.

Initially, you can buy Instagram followers to get started, but after that, you need to follow the right methods to keep those followers. You also have to stop making mistakes if you don’t want to lose followers.
Here are the mistakes that you should not follow if you want to get more followers.

1.    Having a boring description or no description
One of the most important things that attracts the eye of a customer is your bio. It is the one thing that will help him/her decide whether they want to follow you or not. It won’t happen if you don’t have a description or if the description is boring and dull. So, what can you do to make it right?

Make sure you have emojis, at least one or two to make the description a bit more interesting
Include a CTA which helps people come to your website or landing page
Include a bit about how your brand can help people solve their problems
You can write a description of up to 150 characters.

2.    You are not consistent
Consistency is the key to success. If you want to be more successful and get more followers, you need to be consistent with your posts. You cannot start with posting thrice a week, and then go to posting once a month. It shows that you are not serious about your brand and people will forget about you if you are not active.

Thus, decide if you want to post thrice a week or twice a week and be consistent. Don’t overwhelm people with your posts, but post enough that they see you often to invest in your brand.

3.    Not having a clickable link in your bio
One of the worst mistakes that you can make is not having a clickable URL to your website or landing page in the bio. It is important, otherwise, you have no actual means to grow an email list or make sure that people come to your website and buy your products.

That is why use Instagram bio to put a clickable link because it is the only place you can. Also, make sure that you change the link according to the latest blog or product or offers.

4.    Using low-quality photos
Images are the crux of Instagram, and if you are not using the right images, it can lead to the failure of your brand. Make sure that every image that you are using is of high-quality and has high resolution. Use original images, add filters, and be consistent with your filter so that people can see a theme in your profile.

5.    Having no hashtags or using just a few hashtags
Hashtags are keywords that help people who don’t even follow you find your profile. So, make sure that you use hashtags in your content. Hashtags are crucial and you can use popular hashtags or hashtags that are branded.

The limits of using hashtags are 30, but you should use them smartly. If you use too little, it will not affect, while if you use too much, it will look spammy. So, find the right number and use that like 10 or 15.

6.    Not making use of Geo-Tag feature
It is important to use geo-tag and let people know about the location you are at, to get more followers from that vicinity. It is essential, especially for people who run a local business as it helps them get local followers.
Even if you are at another location like attending a meeting or event, and posts an image from there, you should tag the location.

7.    Not indulging in conversation with your customers
You need to build a community, and that will come only after you start making efforts to be a part of their life. That means answering their direct messages, especially if it is a query about your product or complains. Also, respond to their comments on your posts for the same effect.

I hope you will make use of these points to increase your Instagram followers.