As a homeowner you could be faced with the problem of an old underground oil tank that needs to be removed. Failing to act promptly with a fuel tank removal project can be costly for both the environment and your home expense budget. Unfortunately, myths about old oil tanks can complicate a decision to have them removed.

Here are three of the most common myths that you are likely to encounter when it comes to underground oil tanks. Being well-informed is your responsibility as a homeowner.

Myth: Removing an Old Oil Tank Doesn't Benefit the Homeowner

Some homeowners have a tendency to minimize hazards that they can't see. Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Exterior repairs and projects are accomplished while things like the removal of an old oil tank are postponed.

If you don't think an underground oil tank can pose problems for many years if it isn't removed, consider the USS Arizona that was bombed at Pearl Harbor more than 75 years ago. To this day the oil that was in the ships's tanks can be observed floating up from the depths and pooling atop the water over the sunken ship.

An abandoned oil tank below your property poses a large risk to you, your family, and the natural resources in your community. There is simply no way around having it removed.

Myth: So-Called Oil Tank Inspections are Just a Money Racket 

There are many measures that can be taken by professionals to determine the presence of a leaking oil tank. Testing is often conducted to produce important data that will help removal experts address the problem in the most efficient and effective manner. Unfortunately, some homeowners think testing is a scam because it can cost money. They also think that test results are fabricated to convince the homeowner that removal is required. 

Here's the deal. Before you agree to testing check the reputation of the company doing the work. A reputable company will have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau and positive reviews from prior customers. No business is going to risk that reputation by falsifying a test result.

Myth: Oil Tanks Will Last Forever

Nothing is indestructible. You might think that the oil tank in the ground below your property is immune to wear and damage, but it can deteriorate over time. The things that can cause a tank to leak are numerous, and once the leak occurs a removal is generally necessary.

Getting an old oil tank removed quickly is the goal. The longer you wait, the bigger the leak can become. Eventually the problem will cause environmental damage, and the removal job may become more difficult.

Don't let myths about oil tank removal stand in the way of doing the right thing. This is an area where you need to be proactive as a homeowner. Your chosen removal expert can also address any other concerns that you may have about these myths.