Bitcoin is the current favorite investment currency of people. Though it is not a fiat currency but still it is much more in demand and people have developed a keen interested in his digital currency or as they as crypto-currency.

There are so many reasons as why people have more faith in this cryptocurrency as compared to government backed paper currency. It is completely independent currency and no third party has any control over it unlike government backed paper currency that is controlled by banks and central government. Apart from that what keeps Bitcoin tick is that it’s value is highly unstable and volatile so you never know you may wake up one fine morning to realize that you are a millionaire. 

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Another important thing while Bitcoin trading is wallet. Yes, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet where you will store all your Bitcoins and can easily do the transactions. 

What is crypto-currency wallet?

A crypto-currency wallet which is also known as E-Wallet stores all your hard earned Bitcoins as well as the private keys of your account. It also makes the transaction process so much easier and swift. The best part about Bitcoin wallet is that it can also be used as a mobile-based wallet and trust me Mobile based wallets are really quick with transactions. You can use it for shopping, purchasing coffee and even paying utility bills on the spot. 

Here are some of the wallets available for storing Bitcoins to choose from.

Online wallet:

The online wallet is most convenient to use. It allows you to connect various devices with the wallet through the internet connection. However, due to it’s online feature, it increases the risk of theft and fraud. So, you need software that provides you with extra layers of security.

Mobile wallet:

 Mobile wallet is very portable and come in handy if you are looking for a wallet that you can carry always with you in your pocket. Mobile wallets allow you to pay at the stores quickly. It is much safer as compared to the cloud based wallet. However, there is a risk of losing assets in the case your phone gets stolen or lost.

Desktop wallet:

Desktop wallet is another famous choice of people and again I would say that it is better than online wallet. You just need to download the software on your desktop and you are ready to use it. 

However, if your computer is infected with virus, then you can be in trouble.

Paper wallet:

Paper wallets are the safest option till now for storing Bitcoins. It is nothing but the paper that consists of your both public and private addresses and there is no chance of fraud in this type of wallet. For using this wallet all you have to do is to scan the QR code.

Hardware wallet

Hardware wallet stores all your account’s information and your private in a USB device and this device remains offline most of the time, which makes it secure enough. Apart from that the hardware wallet is also capable of sending and receiving crypto-currency merely plugging in the device in the internet which is an added advantage. 

So, hope this article was informative enough to provide you with the important insights of types of wallets available. So what are you waiting for? Get one wallet today and start trading!