Many say that the best gaming console is the one that was sold most times. We partially agree with the claim, but there are a lot of additional factors you will have to incorporate into this process. The best gaming console must have stunning games, plenty of additional support and great features in general. We conducted impressive research and now we are able to provide you with the list of the best consoles of all time.

1. PlayStation 1

Sony PlayStation 1 is simply known as the best console of all time and it was sold in over 102.4 million copies. The reasons why the console was so popular are actually simple. The unit was well-made, came with advanced games and it was advanced back in the time. This device was released in 1994 and was a massive hit all around the globe. The Sony PS1 is also important because it marked the entrance of Sony into the gaming industry. Be free to download all ROMs or games for the console from Gamulator and play them in 2020.

2. NES

NES was sold in 61.9 million copies and it is the best-selling console Nintendo made ever. Keep in mind that we are referring to consoles only so this is the reason why we won’t list Gameboy device. It was sold in over 100 million units but it is a handheld device rather than an actual console. Anyway, NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System and was launched back in 1983 in Japan. Other parts of the world got the console one year later. This is the console that made Super Mario 3 so popular and impressed millions of gamers.


SNES came in 1990 and it is commonly considered as the improved, more sophisticated version of NES. Actually, SNES stands for Super Nintendo Entertainment System and it was sold in over 49 million copies. When it comes to design it was similar to NES but came with more comfortable joypads and modernized overall elements. The main advantage of SNES is a massive collection of available games. It was huge back then and over 379 million software units were used by the gamers. Even today, SNES remains as one of the most advanced and the most appealing retro consoles you can have and use.

4. Atari 2600

Atari 2600 is the first console of this kind and when it was released in 1977 it became so popular that it was sold in millions. The console was revolutionary back then and allowed gamers to play the same games as the ones available in arcades all over the country. The best games are Asteroids, Space Invaders and many others. This console can still be found today but it is one of more expensive models out there. Another feature we must mention is a unique controller with a stick.

5. Sega Genesis

We simply must mention Sega Genesis. It means beginning and it is one of the best consoles Sega Company released ever. The previous device was Master System and it was reasonably popular. But, Genesis was the first to offer advanced gaming back then and it was sold in over 35 million units. There were a lot of popular games but the ones we like the most are Altered Beast, Sonic The Hedgehog and of course Earthworm Jim. 


These were the best and the most desirable consoles of all time. You can have them today but some may be difficult to find while others are very expensive. Anyway, you can play games developed for these consoles using any device you own thanks to ROMs, emulators, and gamers who made all that possible.