To skip the steps in Pokémon GO, some players no longer hesitate in recent days to buy pokémon go account where all the work was done for them. How do they do? Do they have the right to make these purchases? The answer is to discover in the lines of our article.

Pokémon GO account resellers have landed for a few days on the sites usually related to this practice on the web. It has become possible recently to have a high-level character, without having to do tens of kilometers of walking to advance naturally.

The Pokémon GO parallel market

In exchange for a handful of dollars, for an amount varying according to the "quality" of the account, it is possible recently to become the proud owner of a high-level Pokémon GO account. On unsavory sites, but also on eBay or "Craiglist" , hundreds of players began to sell the accounts they took hours to upgrade. Prices range from a few tens of euros to several hundred depending on the content associated with the account. The more pokemon it contains, the higher the CP, the higher the character level, the more expensive the account will be. The icing on the cake is generally an account as below, where the team has not yet been selected and has several pokémons more than 1000 CP.

Sale legal or not?

since we find these sales on perfectly legal sites like eBay, we could believe that their resale is authorized and perfectly legal. However, as many games undergoing this phenomenon (LoL, WoW, Overwatch,), the resale of account is strictly prohibited on Pokémon GO . For the developer (Niantic) the resold accounts as well are a double or triple loss. They do not touch any penny on the sale. They lose the figure by seeing a new player take direct possession of a high-lvl account, without having the opportunity to use his system of micro-transactions. And have very little hope to see this player then spend anything in the game store, since he has already almost unlocked everything without the slightest effort.

The practice is clearly stipulated as prohibited in the conditions of use of the application , and any player caught in the bag will have his account removed from the databases. The least smart who sells an account without hiding his ID left to have a nice surprise in a few days ... as soon as Niantic will no longer have the head on the handlebars to try to solve the problems of bugs and servers.