This is perhaps the most important article on the safety website for those who use electronic mods like Ambition Mods because batteries are the biggest cause of the most serious accidents like burning and even explosion. Media articles that tell the story of a burning or exploding e-cigarette often fail to explain that the mistake, in most cases, lies with the battery and is usually the user's fault rather than the factory's fault. That's right, if it explodes it might be your fault.

In steam, high discharge batteries are currently used so it is very important that you know what you are doing to prevent accidents. You can't complain if you decide to put 900 horsepower into a van and you turn upside down in turn. There are excellent batteries made for flashlights but cannot be used in electronic cigarettes. Not a battery error because it's weak, but yours because it uses something right in the wrong place.

In steam, high discharge batteries are currently used so it is very important that you know what you are doing to prevent accidents.

There's not much to learn and by following a few basic rules you will be very safe from problems, but I would rather explain "why" so you understand how things work rather than just telling you what to do.

- Only buy a recommended battery;
- Buy only from recommended vendors to avoid counterfeiting (which is quite common);
- Laptop batteries, flashlights, or anything other than those recommended are not good, this is the biggest problem opportunity. Don't talk nonsense with your safety. If you’re a fan of electronic cigarettes, visiting can avoid dangerous electronic cigarette devices;

- If in doubt whether your battery is good, avoid using very high power. Devices with a single battery will usually reach a maximum of 80W, two can reach a maximum of 150W and three to 200W (approximate figures). When in doubt, use half or less. This is a technical limitation following Ohm's Law, on which will demand more than is indicated. Don't use something that is too close to the limit;
- Buy an external charger and only charge the battery for it, especially if your device uses two batteries;
- If the battery gets very hot when used, dispose of the battery or use it with the maximum power you can. The battery requires a maximum cost of $ 50 from the recommended supplier, which is very little compared to facial reconstruction treatments. But devices also play an important role. If you are a vaper, buying your equipment from Vapeciga can reduce the risk;
- Never leave a battery with a metal object in your wallet or bag because it will ignite, heat, melt, burn, and even explode;
- Store the battery properly, watch out for tears or remove the protector. If dropped and squeezed, throw it in the appropriate place;
- If your device uses 2 or more batteries, use only identical batteries, brand, model and the same capacity, never mixing different batteries.

Perform the steps above then the risk of battery explosion can be significantly reduced.

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