Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade now. People have become so used to this new way of investment that they are finding it quite interesting. People have been busy investing and trying to become rich with this new form of technology to earn huge amount of money.

Now, you must be thinking that why people are so interested in investing in crypto-currency? The answer is pretty simple. The volatile and unstable nature of Bitcoin plays an important role in garbing the interest of the people.

Now, comes the shocking part. Even though people are keenly interested in investing in Bitcoin but they are mostly unaware of Bitcoin’s history and origin.

So, if you too are among one of those who have less or no information about Bitcoin, this article is for you:

Bitcoin is nothing but a big scam!

Ok, for those people who think that Bitcoin is a scam, what is the reason behind these accusations? Mostly it is nothing, but just these baseless facts:

   The Founder of Bitcoin ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ ran away.
People lost huge amount of money.

Sadly people have no idea about decentralization and economy.

So, let us clear your misunderstandings and help you come a bit more clean on Bitcoins.

Yes, it is true that the founder of Bitcoin left, but the reason is he was unhappy with the way Bitcoin was shaping. He had designed Bitcoin and wanted to keep it decentralized without any human involved, however that did not happen.

The part two that allegations that he owns 1 million Bitcoins! So what if he has. It is much better than banks keeping hold of money of every person, in its own control.

As far as gambling is concerned, every form of stock marketing is a kind of gambling.

 Bitcoin is used for Funding in illegal activities!

There is no denying the fact that Bitcoin was earlier used to fund illegal activities, though Bitcoin cannot be blamed for it as it is the way people are using it. Though soon all the banks came forward and started supporting Bitcoin and then the rest they say is a history.

 Bitcoin Mining leads to wastage of natural resources

Ok, let’s clear the air here. Bitcoin does not lead to wastage of any natural resources instead it provides you with money and sovereign and independence. The reason why Bitcoin was created.

Bitcoin is too expensive and charges too much fees

Bitcoin is so resilient, adaptable and powerful that it will survive any attack because of its self-governing and self-sustaining Maths and cryptography behind it. And just because the fee of Bitcoin is high sometimes, that does not make it useless.

Bitcoin is too expensive, not everyone can afford it!

If you are into cryptocurrency investments and don’t own Bitcoins, you are going very wrong, however, it doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t buy other coins but the narrative of cheap and costly coins simply seems stupid.

Many people think that they need to buy one whole BTC but that’s not true. Bitcoin is divisible 10^-8 so you can buy a lot of Bitcoin fractions with whatever money you have and whatever you can afford.
So, I hope now that many of your assumptions and wrong information about Bitcoins would have been cleared! It is so much like the stock market and you need some strong market forecasting knowledge before you step into the Bitcoin Market. Bitcoin is an upcoming market trend and if used wisely, it can make you a millionaire.

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