Seedboxes are known for their unique ability to facilitate private torrenting, meaning you can upload and download safely in the knowledge that your privacy and anonymity is protected. While they are usually a little more expensive than other torrenting options, once you understand how a seedbox works differently, you'll see why. 

How does a seedbox work? A seedbox works using a BitTorrent protocol, which is the technology that allows for the sharing of big files on one big shared server. Users become known as 'seeds' when they are in possession of the full version of a file. Leechers are the users who latch on to this seed’s file and download from the server. 

BitTorrent works on a sort of points system. The more files you seed or upload, the more bandwidth you'll be given by the tracker for your own downloads. This is where the term 'seed ratio' comes from. The more you seed, the better your ratio, and, in turn, the better and faster your torrenting experience. Maintaining a good ratio is hard to do when you’re using your own ISP. Many ISPs are designed to block torrenting activity altogether, and even if you sneak through by using a VPN, you’ll still be downloading and uploading large files on a much slower connection, and thus, risk capping your monthly bandwidth.

A seedbox offers the perfect solution to this issue. Instead of using your own server and bandwidth, a seedbox works on its own separate server, which means your download and upload speeds will always be through the roof. You’ll be able to get and maintain a seeding ratio of 1:1 in no time at all, which is a major plus for those who use elite private trackers.

The remote server is the main aspect of the seedbox that makes it different from other options. The server is typically in a country with laws that tend to favor P2P file sharing protocols like BitTorrent, such as Spain or the Netherlands. This gives your seedbox an extra level of security and will leave you with greater peace of mind.

When it comes to selecting a seedbox provider, there are more and more options out there. It's crucial to find a seedbox that will cover all of your needs, so be sure to examine the various features and price ranges before making your selection. Luckily, seedboxes are becoming more and more popular, so there should be an option out there for everyone.

After you select your seedbox provider and a plan that works best for your needs, you'll be sent all of the information you need to start using the service. Any setup on your end will be very straightforward. You'll usually be sent a link and some login credentials. To begin downloading, simply upload the torrent file, and you're ready to go.