Instagram is much more than a casual pastime scrolling! Since its launch, it has become everyone's favorite because of its amazing features. With over 1 billion active users, 500 million daily story updates, and millions of shares, the channel has become highly competitive- mainly for aspiring influencers who are really looking up to increase their followers and boost engagement.

Well, you must understand that Instagram is a visual medium to engage with your followers by showing your creativity. And that one and the only thing that attract visitors is "attractive and engaging photos."  

Use the Instagram features wisely to make your pictures stand out and worth posting. If you don’t know how to begin, don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are three tricks you must use to make your Instagram pictures stand out from other Instagrammers.

Add Filters: Remember, "Less Is More."!

Sometimes Instagram filters give you the perfect result! But, don’t use them just for the sake of it. Using too sharp or deep filters can take your picture of the natural lighting. So, avoid overdoing it and stop the level of filter the moment you observe the image getting carried away.

Keep experimenting with various levels of filters to achieve the perfect level to use in your photos. Also, be watchful when choosing filters to ensure they align with the theme of Instagram feed.

The proper combination of filters with the correct theme will make your feed look consistent and throw a positive impact on the engagement rate. However, if you have a business page for a while, but lack followers, you can buy Instagram followers instantly to help grow your business.

Learn Various Camera Settings

Remember, it is not only consistency but also the high-quality photos that attract followers. How could a dull and blurry picture ever go to work? Well, no good luck here! A little knowledge of camera settings will help you meet your target. Here are some tips to get you great pictures:

Avoid the most common mistake people make that is taking the picture with full brightness. Learn to adjust the brightness and exposure to keep the details and highlights in place.
Be mindful when using HDR, as overdone and over-processed photos won't drive much attention to your Instagram account.
Flash is great, but sometimes it can overdo the quality of the photo and seems as taken with a disposable camera.
While autofocus is an excellent feature to highlight the focal point, it can get overboard easily. It is a good idea to learn about the autofocus feature to post a beautifully captured photo in your Instagram feed.

 Time to Use Instagram Stories like a Pro!

Instagram stories are one of the highly popular and engaging medium to connect with your followers. If you are still not satisfied with the followers' count, you can buy real Instagram followers to have a healthy and fruitful start. It’s fun and entertaining to post Instagram Stories and engage with your audience about live updates. 

However, if you want some other tools to make an interesting and engaging Instagram Story, you can try third-party apps. For instance, InShot, Mendr, or CutStory can make it more engaging and boost the results of your Instagram Stories. Consistency with your feeds and stories should be one of your strategies to implement in your marketing plan. 


Social media channels are evolving, and Instagram is one platform that has evolved tremendously over the recent years! It is no longer just a "photo-sharing" app but offers new talents an opportunity to showcase their creativity and individuality. Now that you have the best tricks to increase followers, and boost engagement rates, get started today!