It’s been one of those days. You’ve liked every single picture and scrolled past every boring update. No matter how many times you refresh a page, nothing new or interesting seems to pop up. 

Who could’ve thought an intricate networking system such as the internet could leave us with nothing to look at, right? But the truth is, you just might not be searching enough places. 

There’s never, and we mean never, a shortage of information on the web. Sure, the main entertainment expectations are on social media interactions, but the useful side of the net deserves a larger portion of your attention. You never know which formerly unfamiliar tools might become your new favorites. 

We’ve compiled a list of powerful tools and websites, some of which you’ve never heard of. And the best of all: anyone can have access to them. 

Free people finders

If you have to find information on any person regardless of the circumstance, people search engines are the way to go. Unless of course, you’d rather spend days or weeks looking someone up and not finding half of the details you need. 

A 100 free people finder can pull everything from someone’s social information to criminal records. Whatever your reason is, be ready to find potentially sensitive data.

Survey creators

Are you a student? Marketer? Business owner? No matter your title, you can benefit from a survey creator. They’re excellent user-friendly platforms that can be filled on your desktop or mobile from anywhere. Whether you’re sending out a customer satisfaction survey, performing a MaxDiff analysis or doing market research, this one’s a must for work. 

PC clutter removers

We don’t mean to be killjoys, but some of the software you download might bring a whole lot of trash with them. That doesn’t mean you should stop downloading stuff, but it does mean you need to declutter your computer every now and again. That might sound obvious until you need to figure out exactly which programs you should get rid of. 

That’s exactly where clutter-cleaning applications come in handy.  They quickly locate and expel all kinds of malware from your computer, without you having to guess which one of the hundreds of “wares” is causing damage. 

SEO website analyzers

Maybe you don’t have the cash to outsource a marketing strategy, or just want to take a look at how your website is performing online. With free SEO analytics, you’ll get an overview and quick fixes to better rank your site on search engines. Analyses include keyword ranking, competitor evaluation, mobile optimization, and downloadable reports. 

E-mail unsubscribers

A tidy inbox is the product of a previously chaotic bundle of emails that get you thinking: “why did I even subscribe to that?”

You have all the right to get bored, and there comes a time when the unsolicited spam has to go. These apps will save you hours of individually unsubscribing to emails by letting you delete hundreds of subscriptions in minutes.

No more losing tracks of important messages. You’re welcome.

Stock image providers

These are classics. They illustrate our blog posts, our textbooks, even our memes. 

Stock images save us the hard work of searching for an image’s original photographer, because let’s face it, everybody deserves due credit. Creative commons images, on the other hand, require no credit and most of them are free to use. You can search thousands of them on online libraries and find pretty much anything you’re looking for while avoiding copyright restrictions.

Of course, you’ll find thousands of other extremely useful sites you never knew could be hanging around the web. Take a few minutes off your idle internet days and search away. We promise you’ll find a lot of good stuff that’ll help you anytime later.