With over half of the world's population owning a mobile device to date, every business needs to take mobile browsing into consideration when building their website and marketing plans.

As nearly half of all internet traffic comes from mobile device users, having a mobile-friendly platform is essential for ecommerce success, ensuring visibility in search engines and creating a frictionless user journey on the website itself. 53% of smartphone users make purchases through company-specific apps, making app development a significant consideration for businesses that want to capture the attention of those who feel more comfortable browsing on their mobile device.

Developing an App

Some businesses think that it doesn’t matter how the app is made as long as it does the job. The issue is that a bad app can tarnish a company’s image and dissuade users from making transactions online… so quality is of the essence.

There are many experienced IT professionals who can provide a high-quality app development service. You can find specialist mobile developers via LynxPro by using their online platform to identify the most talented contractors to take on the job. This is a smart choice, as you want to be sure you are getting the best product. These are some of the main reasons why a professionally made app is important:

In order to be successful, the app has to work speedily and smoothly. If a business decides to compromise on this aspect it can actually reverse all of the benefits of an app. A slow app that is not working efficiently will frustrate users, generate bad reviews and causes a negative impact on overall customer service as a result, decreasing sales and brand loyalty.

An app that is professionally made will have all the latest features, such as the ability to work offline, advanced search options, push notifications, etc. If you want to make your app versatile and offer users useful features, it will require the expertise of a professional.

Design and branding are also key elements to consider when choosing who will develop your app. The design needs to be frictionless and user friendly as well as have an appropriate colour scheme, image selection and good resolutions. This will ensure that your app looks professional and complements your wider branding strategy.

Tailoring your app to each specific user has become increasingly important in recent years. Personalisation doesn’t only mean making it accessible to every device and operating system; it also means providing users with content based on their preferences, locations and behaviours.

Next, let’s look at some of the main reasons why developing an app for a business can be extremely important.

Increase Brand Awareness

Apps can help to increase the brand awareness of a company in quite a few ways. Firstly, customers can easily find the app in their favoured app store when looking for a specific service - it could even trend and gain a lot of exposure. In addition to that, there are several ways to engage with consumers through app use, such as providing special in-app offers or promotions.

Form Stronger Customer Relationships

Mobile apps can play an important role when it comes to engaging with the consumer and forming customer relationships. People always have their phones at hand, which makes mobile devices the quickest way to reach potential audiences. The immediacy that apps provide is what every business strives for, with notifications and adverts being shown to thousands of users within seconds.

Improved Customer Service
A well-made app is certainly a great way to increase brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Mobile apps can have a range of functions within them, all of which are easily and quickly accessible. This means that customer service is improved through automating the sales process and making it more user-friendly. Also, app-only users benefit from exclusive access to the latest and best deals, making customers excited to receive notifications from the app.

Increase Profits

Some of the biggest brands in the UK, such as Domino’s Pizza, have managed to increase their sales by up to 30% after introducing an app to their consumers. This is a result of the convenience and accessibility of well-developed apps; users can order things in a couple of clicks, with all their passwords and details securely saved. Besides that, apps can be connected easily to social media pages such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, aiding brand exposure on other platforms. It is clear that missing out on the opportunity to develop an app could also mean missing out on potential profits.