Picture this. A consumer visits your e-commerce website to interact with – or even buy – your products or services. But your site’s pages are loading at a snail’s speed. Frustrated, they abandon ship and focus on more interesting and perhaps better performing websites (like your competitors).

Too many online businesses are losing sales thanks to dismal customer digital experience. You can sell the best products and services in the world, but if there’s a 10-second wait for page load or your sales funnel is a confusing mess, customers will leave your site. But the good news is, you can remedy this.

Best way to offer great customer digital experience

Customers are always pressed for time. So, make sure they enjoy a seamless interaction with your site as soon as possible. Make finding relevant information quick and easy, with no page delays whatsoever. In other words, enhance customer experience to turn your visitors into customers.

How to better enhance experiences? Know your customer. It may seem like a no brainer, but too many businesses overlook this simple fact. There’s a wealth of easily accessible CRM (customer relationship management) tools that can help you define personas and understand who your ideal customer is.

Besides using CRM tools to collect customer data, have a digital mindset to help break down and analyze the collected data. Study customer insights, touch-points, heatmaps, pages they visit most, and points of drop-off in your funnel. Analyzing this information will help offer great customer digital experience.

Also, by viewing how customers interact with your site, you can spot issues real fast. Even identify areas that need improvement in your sales funnel for a unified digital experience.

Optimize your website for an even greater experience

Think of the last website you visited and enjoyed navigating through its pages. Now, compare it to yours. Do you think customers will have a similar experience too? Your site is the storefront of your brand. It should leave a lasting impression across all digital devices. This is how to best optimize your website.

Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone and can access the Internet on the go. It’s only practical, therefore, to optimize your website to fit the screens of mobile devices. Customers will often abandon your site – even disregard your brand – if it’s not well optimized for their mobile devices.

To remedy this situation, design a responsive website that offers a superb customer digital experience. That way, your customers will enjoy navigating your site on any hand-held device in the market. You’ll also have an easy time mapping out and improving customer’s journey on your website.

Remember, to stay ahead of the curve and provide a smooth digital experience for your customers, think outside the box. Because, let’s face it, your brand is no longer competing with other brands, but near perfect digital experiences and services your customers are getting out there.