While the topic is regarding trading, investments and exchange systems we tend to remain cautious. This is because no matter how old or reliable a manual exchange or trading system is, there is tends to be some loss. Fraud and corruption are some of the components which complete any trading system as a whole. 

Cryptocurrency is not so similar to the manual trading system. It also has sites for trading and investing in these virtual currencies. But whether the site is old or new, known or not, it must have a generous trading volume. Moreover, the risk of hacking, fraud and other error should as less as possible. If one can follow all the rules of virtual trading, then the possibility should be zero.

Below are the top 5 crypto exchange sites which can prove to be of benefit for you.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges:

As we are here, it is time to look at the top 5 crypto exchange services.


The Changelly is one of the best platforms for the crypto exchange. It is one of the centers of attention of crypto exchange service is that it provides simpler and easier exchanging and trading. One can find few crypto exchange services which can provide instant exchange and trading service and that too securely. Overtime, Changelly has attracted many cryptocurrency users and has also collaborated with many well-known crypto space representatives. The Changelly has various functions. For example, it has more than 150 crypto coins for exchange. But not only any coins or not just hundreds of coins. Changelly has a collection of coins which is reliable and profitable.
Moreover, the exchange service charges the lowest of the fees. It is as little as 0.25%. With live support, it also has the best trading security. You can find more detail in Changelly review published by Cryptomaniaks.


Although this trading exchange platform is newer than other exchange services, still its functions are one of the best there is. Their trading volume is of the top and their exchange fees are also lower. It has a trading book that helps the users to save data and also keep records of their crypto transactions. The users there can also visit the crypto charge view so both basic and advanced ones. One of the main features of Binance is that they have the best customer support. The platform is always ready to guide the users so that they might not step in trouble. Moreover, they keep adding new coins for the ease of the customers in their platform.


The Las Vegas-based crypto exchange services have competitive trading charges than others as it is a bit higher than 0.25%. It has a generous amount of trading volume since it also an old crypto exchange service. The plus point of Bitterex being old is that it is reliable and the possibility of risk is the lowest. Bitterex also has some large collection of good coins for exchange. The customer support might be a bit hazy as there are more users here.


Another of the top crypto exchange is Coinbase. Many users tend to choose major cryptocurrencies such as Blockchain, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin. Thankfully, Coinbase has all the collection of the major cryptocurrencies. Alongside the trading volume, it also has better liquidity than other exchange platforms. The charge is a lot, that is 4% but still, it accepts credit and debit card purchase. 


This is also quite new in the crypto marketplace. Not only the collection of coins is a lot and reliable, but trading is also faster than usual. They also have unique tokens that can be used for trading. By using those tokens one can save quite a lot of trading fees. 


The crypto exchange platforms should be chosen with thorough search and from reliable sources as well. One should understand that savings and profit in any trading is a must.