Great news! Riley Testut has come through for us again with an alternative app store called AltStore. It’s not the same as all the others we have come to see in the past few years, though. This is something different and very exciting.

Great news

It’s completely free


You do need to use your Apple ID

What’s the story?

What is AltStore?

It is an alternative app store built using a method that Apple provided developers with – the ability to download and install apps on a device for testing purposes before it goes to the app store. It requires the use of an app downloaded on your computer called AltServer – this uses your Wi-Fi network and iTunes Wi-Fi Sync to install the app on your device.


Because of the way this is installed, it will expire within a week, but this can be stopped very simply. Provided your device is connected to your computer, which must be switched on, AltServer can background refresh the app so it doesn’t expire – do this once in each 7-day period, and you won’t have any trouble.


How to Install AltStore

Make sure iTunes is up to date and that, if you are using Windows, you only use iTunes from the official website, not from the Microsoft app store:

1. Go to the AltServer website and download the Preview version for your system
2. Plug your iOS device into your computer and open AltServer on your computer
3. Run it and click on Install AltStore
4. Choose your device from the menu and type your Apple credentials in
5. AltStore App will now be installed on your device
6. Before you use it, open Settings > General > Profiles and find the AltStore profile
7. Tap it and Trust it and close Settings
8. Open AltStore, type in your Apple details once more, and the app is ready to use

That’s it

All you need to do

Just make sure that both your device and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network; if they are not, the background app refresh cannot happen, and AltStore will expire, leaving you having to start over again.

Over to you

You will only find one app in AltStore for now – Delta Emulator – but, once it is out f beta and goes live, expect a lot more to be included. Download the preview, try it and see what you think. For more tips and tricks, you can follow us on Facebook.