The simple answer is yes, you can. If you want to create a website within a short time then you can think of inserting slides in it. It is an excellent approach for web developers as well as web designers too. Visitors will be more interested if you have a very attractive design layout by clicking through the links on your website. You should make your site very easy to understand with suitable navigation buttons. 

Some features to know about slides in creating a website

Slides as a unique approach - It is an advanced static website builder for easy usage. Through slides, you can also customize your designs while creating it. You can add panels, features, settings, and can even download the result. You can even use an HTML file code editor for more additional customization features.

Slide as a generator tool – You can create a high-quality animated website; hence, it is also known for heavy lifting feature. Due to heavy animation, you can also create a retina-ready responsive website.

Number of slides and powerful modules – You can choose more than 180 slides to create your website. You can use the modules for a quick and easy task. If you are not making from scratch, it makes an effortless development task since the stuff is already in-built, so it is ready for customization as per your needs.

Usage of slides – The first step in creating a website is choosing the right slide. It has a filtering menu which consists of headers, features, and form. It also has other categories, such as pricing and video tabs. On choosing a slide, you have the option to duplicate, delete, and change a slide’s style but to minimalistic. You can also change the order through drag and drop.

The slides look a little bit incomplete as the animation is missing. All the websites look outstanding with animation. Although it has default animation, you can create your style. 

Panels - You will need to choose a header and footer panel, which are numerously available. You can copy the code and add it to HTML. 

Navigation button – You should ensure that your users have a very smooth and easy navigation.  With slides on your website, you may not need navigation features, but if required so you can select dots or arrows to guide your users.

Settings- You can make customize the website by allowing your users to select a pre-defined typography style. You can match your client's branding guidelines, which will make an easy task. You can also preload your content or even optimize your assets.

Download of HTML template – You will want to download the HTML file before you make your website go live. Give a final touch and add color, images, as per your client’s choice.

So whenever you want to build a website, keep in mind that there are chances of becoming slow without proper installation plug-ins. For more ideas, you can refer check for Designmodo static website generator.