USB or Universal Serial Bus comes in smaller shapes and does a lot of technical tasks to perform as a connector between computers, cables for copy and transfer files. This mini USB flash drive has an amazing power to store large files. 

USB flash drives are mainly composed of five main components. The first one is NAND flash memory, where the data is stored. Secondly the USB mass storage controller, a microcontroller with a small amount of on-chip ROM and RAM. The drives also use to have crystal oscillators. USB flash drives use to have a Standard-A USB plug to be connected with cables and computers. Mainly those drives come with a cover made of metal or plastic for protecting the important internal electronic parts and components.

Here, in this article, we are going to enlist various usages of USB drives. Have a glance:

1. Store Important Files:

A USB drive can function for containing your important data properly for more than ten years. To keep lots of USB drives in good shape, it is recommended to put any kind of memory card in them.  For a backup, you can also make duplicate copies of the files in two separate USB drives, if anyone of them fails to perform, unfortunately.

2. Showcase Your Business:

In a creative way, you can use these USB drives for the promotional purpose of your brand. Make an attractive logo of your company and get it printed on the USB drives, then distribute them at trade shows, conferences, or events. 

Flash drive has various and important usage for all of us, so that, in this way you reach a lot more people with your business idea, slogan, and logo in a very cost-effective way. 

3. Safekeeping of information and products:

You can have some confidential files or folders or something very important like property related paper in USB drives you can keep all of them safe. You can also carry the portfolio of your work and painting always in a USB drive if you are a professional artist or designer or a musician. 

4. Distributing notes and syllabus:

It would be a very convenient way to distribute class notes and syllabus in a small USB drive for schools and universities than wasting a lot of papers. 

5. Securing computer with Predator:

You can use your USB flash drive and the Predator application for securing your computer or laptop instead of a password. Predator application use to lock up your computer in your absence. And after you return, just plug the USB flash device into the USB port of the computer, and it will be unlocked.

Not only for personal usage, but you can also gift a USB drive on the birthday of your friends and family members. It will be a very useful gift for them. You can also use it as a wedding gift by preloading the device with your favorite wedding photos with some romantic songs.