Life without music is incomplete and at every stage of life, work and celebration we get influenced by the music. Most of the peoples cannot imagine their life without music that makes it inseparable from lives of those peoples and us as well. According to science, music is a therapy for our mind and soul as it treats us from inside making us feel good and relaxed. If it is so good then what about including it in our life and feeling relaxed after all day hard work. Buy best floor standing speakers under 500 and enjoy your favorite songs.

 Why to use them? Mostly buyers prefer 3-piece speaker due to their easy set up process and amazing quality. Home theater speakers are bit complicated so the best solution is floor-standing speaker. They are simple to set up in your house or apartment. But, the problem comes while deciding on the purchase. Which is best for their home? What features to look in? Will I get a speaker under my budget? And lot more questions confuse the buyers.

Therefore, this is the guide where you will get all the details of floor standing speakers. We have also marked important points that may alter your first choice.

Best Floor standing speakers under 500

Tall and rectangular, unlike other speakers need no stands for stability thus called as floor standing speakers. Their small legs keep them a bit above from the floor so that the sound quality does not get affected. Also, sometimes they are known by the name- tower speakers due to their height.

Both big and small size speakers are available. There are 3 drivers- midrange speaker, a woofer and a tweeter in one housing of the big speakers. Some has passive radiators either at the front or back. Low –frequency reproduction is improved by these radiators. Small speakers are tall and have slim body fit to work as a home theater system.

However, look doesn’t matter when you get rich and great sound that your home speakers cannot deliver. Floor standing speakers are powerful, sensitive and have great output capability making it extremely loud.

Floor standing speakers’ advantages 

Free or floor standing or tower speakers are expensive but they are worthy than other counterparts. How? Read the advantages below to know what makes them worthy.

1. Sound depth

Speakers of different configurations and size deliver more depth of sound quality that makes music worth listening. You will hear every beat of music clearly that let you enjoy the music completely. It is great product for music lovers who cannot comprise with sound quality.

2. Striking style

They have designs that grab more attention of the buyers. So, anyone who wants a good looking speaker that promises astonishing sound can purchase the best floor standing speakers under 500. You will get more options even under such a limited budget and that’s best about these speakers.

3. Versatility

If you need great audio quality then purchase tower speakers because they are perfect for all audio media. They can versatile in delivering all types of sound without losing the quality. Attach speakers to the gaming console and enjoy not only playing but also gets the real feel of the gaming environment. You will feel that you are in the game. Watch movies in superior audio quality at the comfort of home. No need to spend money on Movie Theater.

4. for larger rooms

Since the floor standing speakers have bigger dimensions they are perfect for larger apartments, house and rooms. Small speakers cannot deliver enough sound at a larger space but tower speakers are best for larger space.

5. Connection

Connecting speakers at home is not tough when you have floor standing speakers. No need to confuse yourself with wires and cables instead you can use Bluetooth to connect them. They are the speakers for modern generation with latest connection technologies like SD cards, USB sticks and more.

So, if you like loud music then prefers floor standing speakers at your home. However, take sufficient time to buy the speakers as right one will be worth spending money. They are expensive which makes buyers to switch to less costly speakers and compromising with quality. But you can get the best under 500 without any compromise.

Best floor standing speakers under 500

Check out our list of best speakers that you can get under 500 dollars.

1. Polk Signature 

S55 Series of Polk signature is equipped with top features like detachable, magnetic grille, deep bass sound and vinyl finish. It is a good product for those who need both quality and looks. It comes with 3 drivers that give you a massive sound quality. You can enhance the sound by adjusting the bass.

2. Polk T50

Enjoy the deep sound quality as it has 2 bass radiators that eliminate the need of a subwoofer. It has great compatibility thus you can use it with your home theater system.

3. Audio monitor 70

It is again a product from Polk from second series speakers with features like high-frequency tweeter, separated bass between drivers and smart driver dispersion. Its intelligent design makes the speaker easily managing the sound without any issue.

4. Pioneer SP-FS52

High frequency sounds are ensured by the tweeters that are mounted on the top. It delivers superb quality due to bass enhanced drivers.

5. Onkyo SKF-4800

There are two speakers in one purchase where you get a soft-dome tweeter. It enhances the quality and generates high-frequency sounds. It has great drivers too that represent the sound well across the boards.

If you have more budgets then you can have superior quality speakers. However, even less budget buyers can also enjoy the great music quality from Best floor standing speakers under 500. More models are attractive in designs and best in quality. So, buy a tower speaker and attach it with your home theater system. So, throw your old, low- quality system and buy a tower speaker to feel the good music at your home.