Although you often think of PC games on export, it can also be very different. Many eSports games have been released for mobile and it also has a really large audience and player volume. There today we made you a list of the best mobile eSports games out there.

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Clash Royale (Android and iOS)
Clash Royale is a game developed by Supercell and has a lot of variety, making it top of our list of the best eSports games for mobile devices. In the game, you have a deck of 8 different cards. The cards have different have units, you can spread these units and by doing so you want to take down three towers to your opponents as well as protect yourself.

Mobile Legends (Android and iOS)
Mobile Legends is a game made for mobile phones. The game is multiplayer (5v5). Two opposing teams are fighting to control a path to reach and destroy the enemy base defending their own base, three lanes as "top", "middle" and "bottom". I know who connect with bases. Weak bots, known as "minions", which are based on the team and follow three lanes based on the opposing team, which are enemies and ta Fight s. Different Heroes are Marksman, Assassin, Mage, support, fighters, and tanks.

Vainglory (Android, iOS, and PC)
Vainglory is a cross-platform MOBA with the strategic depth and mechanical prowess you'd expect from a PC-only title. You can play this game anywhere, everywhere and with your friends, which is something that really helped us in our decision to make Vainglory a trophy holder, as it is one of the best mobile eSport games seen today.

Lords Mobile (Android and iOS)
Lord's Mobile actually invests money to become one of the world's largest mobile eSports games, and it is worth it! The game developed and published by IGGS is free-to-play and offers. In the iOS App Store, Android Google Play and Xiaomi App Store, it is one of the top-grossing apps, with an unknown amount of downloads in the iOS App Store, but in the # 40 strategy, Google Play Store has 100.000.000+ downloads and Xiaomi. 338.400.000+ downloads in the App Store.

Arena of Valor (Android and iOS)
The Arena of Valor is definitely not the arena of the Failure Game, it is (another) Chinese game created and published by Tencent Games. However, there is a possibility that you never heard of Tencent, they are the third-largest Internet Company in the world after Google. AOV is the first game on our list to be 3D third person. This multiplayer game has several modes with the main three being Abyssal Clash, Valley Skirmish, and Grand Battle. A match takes about 12 to 18 minutes and they aim to destroy the torrent on the map in order to destroy the so-called core.