Video marketing is on the rise as evert marketer has primary focus on it! Video provides a serious boon for the business to engage with customers. There was a time when Facebook was used by 41% of businesses while mere 9% entrepreneurs used YouTube. In the past two years, usage of videos as promotional tool have grown significantly. 

Thanks to YouTube! YouTube is a giant in this space as you don’t think of any platform when you need to watch a video. As a matter of fact, even Google redirects you to YouTube! If you have your YouTube channel or planning to create, then here are few tips to grow it massively! 

1. Optimise title and description to include keywords: It is obvious that your channel would have a certain subject. You need to stick around one theme for one channel, so it is easier for people to search for you. For instance, if one needs to search motivational videos and you have those in your channel, you need to have some keywords like ‘motivation’ so the search results can include your channel results.

2. Audience Engagement: Your work doesn’t end by uploading a video. You need to have likes and comments so it can appear in top search results. YouTube doesn’t do any discrimination. It shows results by order of likes and trend. You are missing on trick if you are not doing anything after posting a video. Engage with your audience by encouraging them for comments and respond to every comment that you get. This is how you build loyal base of customers. Boostwolf helps you in increasing the number of likes of the videos which eventually improves your rating on YouTube. 

3. Don’t forget the basics: In this fast-paced world, people see the duration of video before watching them. They lose interest if it is a long video (unless it is a short movie) and tend to get away with it. you need to make short and crisp videos people to like it. It needs to go through multiple iterations and refinements before it can be uploaded. Video quality and duration are the basics, but people get emotional and post unedited and long videos which sink in this sea of videos before even coming to surface!

4. Your video should be aligned to the subject: You lose audience, the moment your video is off the hook! You need to keep your audience glued and that is possible only if they know they are going to get what they are looking for! Hair style tutorials always begin with end result, so people have an idea of output. You need to structure your video according to the subject, so people don’t lose interest. 

5. Promotion: This is the only strategy to grow your YouTube channel. Put teasers on other social media channels and full video on YouTube so you have optimised presence among all channels. Publicize as much as you can! Learn some creative ways of promoting your business and trust me, you should be all good!