Email marketing

Cold email marketing can seem like an uphill and daunting task for a beginner. But lingering onto that feeling rarely helps. As you are aware that the first impression will last, you need to gear up and make the best of the opportunity in front of you.

It would not be wrong to say that email marketing from a best email blast services can be the trump card of your marketing campaign. With it, you can create interactive and engaging promotions, which would make your outreach more effective. It is essential to employ industry best practices, and leverage the best email marketing tools and best email blast services to stay updated, which is why we bring to you some contemporary and straightforward dos and dont's  that can help you boost the efficiency of your campaigns.


1. Dedicated emails- Dedicated emails are the norm of the day now. People want as specific information as possible in simple and concise words. If you are launching a particular event, or campaign, create dedicated emails for it. This would make the email more interesting and interactive. Needless to mention, this can help resolve your targeting woes as well.

2. Utilize call-to-action- It is a universally accepted fact that emails which have a simple and clearly defined call-to-action button get more hits than any other generic emails. The button should be visible while scrolling and must be the only one. Multiple buttons can be confusing and split the responses.

3. Mobile/Tablet optimization- Majority of mail these days is opened and viewed and replied to, on mobile and/or tablet devices. It is necessary to utilize the best email marketing tools to customize the campaign to be compatible with such devices. For example, it is essential to make sure that the links are big enough to be clickable on all devices.

4. Conversational subject line- A conversational subject line is guaranteed to get the reader hooked, or at least give a second glance to your email. As a lot of the mail goes unopened owing to the risk of malware, it would do you good to include conversational phrases like "Really? I don't buy it", to initiate a virtual conversation with the people. This would establish your connect with the reader and ensure that he feels its a personalized email.

Emailing sure does seem more manageable now, isn't it? However, there are somethings that you absolutely must avoid.


1. Don't go overboard with links- While embedding a certain number of links to your promotional email is a good idea, you should avoid putting in too many links as they would be harder to click on a mobile device. Tightly packed links can confuse and may even be frustrating for the receiver.

2. Don't use one single image as a base- Why you should not do this is because many email clients block images from being displayed automatically. If this happens to your email, then the user will be looking at an image which has not loaded and unattractive text above or below it. It would then not take long for him to delete or ignore the mail.

3. Don't be a botheration to the receiver- It is important to pace your marketing emails in such a way which does not feel like a botheration to the person who is on the receiving end of these. You do not always have to send multiple emails in a short period and should leave some leeway to respond. It will also be a bother if you keep changing yours from name or address, which is why it's essential to maintain consistency there as well.

Outsource your email marketing campaign

It is thus an excellent idea to outsource your marketing campaign to experienced campaign managers, who would use the best email marketing tools and best email blast services, to grow your business. Get going today!