Your domain name represents your company, its products, and its services. It is your existence on the web, so it becomes essential that you choose a domain name that represents not only your business but also the one that is easy to find. In most cases, domain name ending with .tech is more popular than the one with .ai or .io. So if you’re looking for the simplest way to get a personalized domain name for your business then choosing .tech domain is an ideal solution.

Here are some ways and unique business name ideas to come up with a perfect domain name.
●    Make use of relevant keywords: Keywords are the key to a successful domain name. Try to use keywords that define your business and its services. Think about your business and come up with something creative and at the same time also maintain the originality. For example, if you're into electronics replacement, then you may register as or perhaps Put yourself into your customers' shoes and include the keywords that people will type while searching for your business products.
●    Don't go with the numbers and hyphens: People often get confused when it comes to numbers and hyphens. If your website address has a numeral 7, then people who hear about your web address might be unaware whether you're using a numeral (7) or spelled out (seven). Similarly, people don't really remember the dash while entering your web address. So try to avoid using numbers and hyphens.
●    Don't be too specific: Let's assume that you're entering into a gadgets startup especially headphones. So you might end up giving your domain name something like But what if after a couple of years you decide to expand your business with smart watches and another popular device as well? Instead, you can simply name it as or probably Being specific about your business will limit the introduction of other products. So just try to be general rather than being specific.
●    Avoid using slang words: Okay, let's admit, today millennials are way too much into using slang words and language. But that, in any case, doesn't mean that you'll make use of any such words in your domain name. If might be difficult for clients to land on your site if you use 'r' instead of 'are,' or words with the same sound but different spellings such as 'accept vs. except.'
●    Don’t pick a long word: Long domain names are a big no. Short names are always easy to recall as opposed to long names. For instead of picking, why not select!
Apart from the above-mentioned ways the other unique business name ideas include being Innovative, using Brandable name, targeting your area, and above all, choosing a name that everyone will remember. .Tech is a fantastic business name generator with the help of which you can easily create a successful business name.