Pink and flowers.

If you think that designing a website or mobile application involves lots of flowers and an explosion of pink, then you are out of touch. Being a woman is no longer one-dimensional. This generation’s women can take care of a household and a corporation. 

There are a variety of ways to design digital work for women companies without being cliché about it with the use of pink and flowers. One way to showcase your digital project is through the MacBook mockup

Pink is for girls, not women

There is nothing wrong with pink, which is traditionally a girl’s color. But if you want a website design that target women, it might be worth remembering that pink is a girl’s color—not a woman’s. There is a distinctive difference. 

There is just too much Barbie and frills associated with pink, which will not really empower your digital product—unless of course the business’s thematic color is pink. That is of course the major consideration in web designs and mobile application designs: what the business’s corporate identity is. 

Base your design on the brand and what its theme is. If the company is a believer of the basic black and white, then you have to understand what the business is and base your accents on that. For example, if you are designing for an e-commerce site selling women’s fashion items, then you might want hints of yellow (cheerful, fresh and positivity) and orange (attraction, wealth and happiness). Shopping, after all, makes women cheerful and happy. 

If it is a dating site for women, then hints of red (love, passion and energy) and pink (emotional, love and sexuality) will give the website the pop of color. 

Sample MacBook mockup for women sites

Going by the example of an e-commerce website, there is this MacBook mockup of a woman working on a sofa. This is the perfect mockup because it shows a relaxed woman on her laptop, just enjoying e-commerce. Every woman loves to shop—not just for bags and shoes, but even for domestic things. 

The mockup template also elicits a stance of relaxation, which is exactly what you want to evoke with the online design. The message is that if you buy from the e-commerce site you just designed, women can relax more as shopping just became more convenient. 

The internet is a repository of hundreds or even thousands of free MacBook mockups. To showcase your design best, find PSD mockups because they are easier to work on. PSD file means it is easy to edit especially with smart layers. This way, you can just pull up the mockup and insert your own design in the MacBook screen. 

Flat design

Sometimes, you don’t need to be overt with your MacBook Pro mockup or MacBook Air mockup just to indicate that your design projects are for women. In many ways, the images of the products and services will already do that for you. 

In cases where the products and services speak for themselves, you can just employ a flat design. A lot of people consider this boring, but it is really great at showcasing the products or services of the business. 

When the business provides a hefty content, then the minimalist approach is necessary. 

Clay mockup

Another minimalist take on mockups for web and mobile app designs is the Clay. Again, this will keep the focus on the design, rather than the canvas or the device. Digital agency Ramotion has its own stack of Clay mockups: four iMac mockups and four MacBook mockups to showcase mobile applications. 

As with most of Ramotion’s digital products, the Clay mockups come in high resolution. They are also in PSD and Sketch to provide better flexibility for designers to work on their digital asset. Smart objects are also included for easy editing. 

Devices mockup

One important aspect of being a woman is the ability to multi-task. The devices mockup is the perfect way to demonstrate a woman’s multi-tasking skills. Basically, the mockup shows all Apple products: from the iMac to the MacBook, iPad, iPhone and even the Apple watch. 

The devices mockup also shows great versatility. It highlights your design and how it will be reflected in a screen as small as the Apple watch and in an iMac screen. is one of the websites that provide a great variety of devices mockup—not just the plain model that have all the screens beside each other. 

The side by side mockup template is plain, but it will perfectly showcase the difference when the website, mobile application or online game is viewed from a small screen up to the largest Apple screen. There is also that devices mockup that only uses of the mobile gadgets: the different types of iPad and iPhones, plus the Apple watches. The mockup puts the devices in different angles to show how the online page will look horizontally or vertically in whatever device available.

Why the MacBook?

Working with a MacBook is highly professional. It is not as large as an LCD screen or an iMac, but it provides great images with high resolution just as well as its large-screen counterparts. The screen of the MacBook is also large enough to highlight important details of your design. 

There are many great advantages to working with a MacBook. The most basic of which is convenience. The laptop provides most of the benefits provided by an iMac but with great comfort as the MacBook allows you to work anywhere. You don’t need to be stuck at the office to work. 

Another benefit is that as with any other Apple device, the MacBook can work seamlessly with the iMac, iPad, iPhone and Apple watch. This means that if you are working on something on your iMac in the office, you can continue working on your MacBook at home. If you took images on your iPhone, you can pull those up from your iCloud and work on them on your MacBook.

Great news for Apple fans as Entrepreneur reported that October may be the month that MacBook makes a comeback! 

Evoking power and beauty

Women are more empowered than ever. If you want to target women in your design, you can’t just entice them with bright colors and beautiful items. A woman’s best asset is versatility: she can lift heavy objects while in heels. That kind of message should jump out of your design.

In your design, showcase strength and beauty in equal parts. Women live a fast-paced life because most of them are simultaneously running the household as well as the world. So make the navigation system in your website easy and simple without sacrificing aesthetics.