As a business grows, the complexity of that business often grows with it. Many rapidly growing businesses will often find themselves without an adequate understanding of their demand patterns. When this happens, it can lead to costly stock outs or excessive inventory. 

Additionally, a lack of understanding of the business patterns a company is facing can lead to a cash crisis if there are unforeseen drops in demand during a particular time of the year or due to certain economic events. When a business takes steps to better understand its demand patterns and plan for the future the benefits created can often be substantial and well worth the extra effort put into gaining an understanding of the patterns that affect the company. Many times, the best way to better understand the relevant patterns in a business is to utilize a forecasting software.

What is a Forecasting Software
Forecasting software, often called demand planning software, are powerful programs that utilize past trends and certain conditions to identify demand patterns and provide a forward looking analysis based off of these patterns. Many of these software packages will include certain "what if" analysis functions that often allow the user to introduce certain situations to the forecast to determine how certain conditions might affect the business. When a business incorporates a software program that aids in determining demand patterns it often leads to an increased understanding of the market the business operates in which can often lead to saved costs related to inventory, personnel and overhead. 

Choosing a Software
There are many software packages that perform demand planning available for businesses to purchase. However, many times a business will make the mistake of not investigating the software it purchases, which can result in spending money on a software that does not meet the needs of that business. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is by researching the product before purchasing it. 

While demand planning programs may appear to be similar on the surface, they are often very different from each other and offer different benefits. Additionally, some software is tailored to specific industries, which can be highly beneficial for a company in that industry. One good way to determine the right software for the business is to read customer reviews of the product, as well as talk to others in the industry to find out what software is popular and receiving good reviews. While running a business is difficult, a forecasting software can make the future easier to read and decrease uncertainty.